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States that Pamper Pets the Most

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  • States that Pamper Pets the Most

    If going by starlets and socialites emerging from limos while sporting a teacup dog in a fashionable, over-the-shoulder pet carrier, one would guess California to be home to the most pampered pets.

    The Golden State doesn’t even crack the top 10, according to economic analysis by Thumbtack, a San Francisco-based consumer review website.

    The state most likely to pamper its pets: Massachusetts, followed (in order) by Rhode Island, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Washington, Maryland and New Hampshire for the Top 10 Pet-Pampering States.

    Thumbtack looked at the number of consumer requests it got on its website from pet owners in each state for nine dog-related services (grooming, pet sitting, dog walking, etc.) and created a Pet Pampering Index (PPI).

    The PPI was adjusted for the number of dog-owning households per state based on data from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

    A PPI between zero and 100 was awarded to each state, with Massachusetts receiving a PPI of 100 and more than $250 on average spent on pets through Thumbtack.

    Dog owners in Arkansas, Mississippi and North Dakota were least likely to pamper their pets—all receiving PPIs of less than one........
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    So groomers don't do real well in Mississippi, ND and ARK?


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      Actually makes sense when you think about it a bit.
      What a great resource for those looking to move and wondering about business was prospects in a given state


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        I think its very on point. I knew a lady who opened up in Maryland because her husbands job moved them there. Within 3 years she had something like 6 Groomers, 2 receptionist, 3 bathers or something similar to that. Said that you don't get shops around every corner because most people can't afford the rents. But tons of clients because of how much housing is stuck in a small space. She did say people were extremely cheap because even though her prices were the same as her hometown. (low cost of living) Her reviews always seem to mention pricey. People are quick to give one star to a $50-55 small dog groom there. She also said her nearest competition started hers at $45 . BUT-They keep coming back

        I personally think- The cheaper your prices the more complainers you get. LOL I would have started prices at $75


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          Originally posted by Tif View Post
          I personally think- The cheaper your prices the more complainers you get. LOL I would have started prices at $75
          I agree with Tif