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Did a droopy eye dog today

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  • Did a droopy eye dog today

    I have seen people with this issue, but never a dog at least that I groomed. It is a golden so I hear that is the most common. Sweet boy, didn't mind me washing his head carefully.

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    Being where I am I see a number of guys with eye issues of various types. It's the most disconcerting- to me- shen it's a new pet that hasn't been groomed for months and the client doesn't say anything about eyes - droopy, cherry, or missing. Haft taken to making certain I push the hair bAck at check in to see the eyes.


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      We have one with problem, Horton's or something like that. Nerve damage from an accident when she was a puppy.


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        You know this reminds me of some good advice given to me. When you first groom a pet, note every issue like this in permanent record and talk about with pet owner. You don't want them coming back saying it was grooming that did. Nerve damage can make this happen and in extreme could happen from grooming roughly or accident.