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  • I hate it when...

    New clients passive aggressively complain about my price. For instance, had a new Springer Spaniel yesterday that was charged $XX. When the wife called last week to make the appointment, she did not ask for a quote. My prices are clearly listed on my website, so I figured she already looked, or she was not concerned with the cost. (I should stop thinking people check prices lol) So husband picks dog up, very nice man. Talk for a few minutes and then he asks what h owes. I tell him. "Well it's less than half that at the vet groomer just down the street, but she couldn't get me in for three weeks. So we'll see what the all the extra money spent on him looks like. I guess I'm paying extra to get him groomed sooner." I say, "Well that seems like a great deal for you! I'm sorry you had to go somewhere other than your regular place. My rates are fair for the labor involved and the overhead that has to be paid each month. I am actually slightly cheaper than my main brick and mortar shop competition. I had no idea this person is able to charge so little for a quality groom." I think he was surprised by my response. I ended saying bye to the dog and that I hope he returns, but I understand if they want to go back to the other place.

    if price matters why not ask for a quote????

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    Don't sweat it. He might not be the most observant but usually once they get the dog home and realize what a better quality groom/ dog is happy etc... And if they don't... Then good riddance

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      I know it is frustrating, especially when they would be saving only few bucks at "the other place."
      I had recently guy with a chihuahua for nail trim. So he comes in and asks if I can trim the nails, I say yes, go to say hello to the dog and he started growling at me. I talk nicely to the dog to calm him down and ready to take him from the man's hands and he asks how much it is. I tell him the price, he says "Oh, I know the place where it is cheaper" - turns around and leaves! All-righty then! Thanks for wasting my time.


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        If they don't ask you won't say "oh by the way, my price is XX can you afford ?" I think they will feel offended! Your prices are quoted on your website, if they didn't read > their problem! I don't regret the ones who think that's too expensive (because when they say that, they are usually talking about 2 or 3$ less) because it means they don't care about the quality as long as the price is cheap.

        I don't understand how vet groomer are so low, I don't know, there's one in my town, she works only 3 or 4 days a week, and she's -10 to -15$ less than everyone but you know what she does ? If the dog moves a little (not even if he's aggressive), she give a pill to calm them or even an anesthesic with the vet on her side and she add it to the final bill. Most of time they are groomer with a family so they won't own their place and work full time but they're still at 90's price, I guess they don't even documents themselves with new techniques or new item lol!


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          Recently had this happen.......groomer friend(who way under charges for the area) is retiring and sending me her cust. I charge competitively or slightly less than other groomers in the area. New customer comes in and I tell her beforehand the charge for her 2 she is leaving she lets me know I am "substantially" higher than old groomer. I told her I know and so is everyone else....don't know if she will be back or not but I am not giving my work away it is not worth it. My friend told me to charge MY price because she knows she is much lower than the average groomer and has not raised her prices because she knew she was retiring. They will find out the lay of the land when they go somewhere else


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            I raise my prices when I get complaints about how high they are. That sounds crazy, but when prices are truly stratospheric, clients are less likely to say anything. They know that they are dealing with someone who has no interest in matching prices with the groomer down the street. People don't complain about prices at Gucci or Prada. It's a psychological tactic. (For lower-income people who really want to care for their cat, and who are willing to do their bit to maintain the coat between grooms, I will work with them to figure out a way to get their cat groomed so it is affordable for them, because I do love cats.)