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How do you handle cleaning?

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  • How do you handle cleaning?

    I am curious as to how other shops handle cleaning responsibilities. How do you divvy it up? Do bathers do the majority of the cleaning? Does everyone have assigned daily and/or weekly/monthly cleaning? Does it depend on who's the least busy? Is anyone exempt for any reason?

    I'm asking because I work at a corporate salon and our manager has very different ideas about cleaning than I do. She feels that busier groomers shouldn't have to take time out of their grooming schedules to do weekly or monthly cleaning. Her reasoning is that she doesn't want people to get focused on cleaning instead of grooming. I am vehemently against this. I believe that since we're a salon without an owner, we all should have equal cleaning responsibilities and should be held individually accountable for them. You have a task and you either have time to do the task or you schedule time to do it. She's also fine with the one bather we have doing the lion's share of the cleaning and I'm very opposed to this because I feel that it's unfairly targeting one person who could be spending that time either calling clients, walking the sales floor assisting customers with grooming supplies or otherwise engaged in the salon. I just don't want anyone to be constantly busy and constantly dumping their cleaning responsibilities on her because it's absolutely not fair or ethical in my opinion.

    I also support us having a daily cleaning task sheet that people can initial throughout the day. Since we work in an environment where we can have a new person hired at any time, we should have a clear list of what needs to be done. I also like being able to look at the list to see what's been done, what needs to be done and who is or isn't doing their share.

    So, how do you clean?

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    We have to clean our area even during the workday and well at end of day. We have bathers and they do the bathing area. Some leave earlier but last ones take turns with a final clean of counter tops and tubs. Front counter people take care of that and lobby area. Last groomer working dumps trash and takes to bin outside.

    I don't care for your arrangement either.


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      First of all, your corp probably has some policy on how cleaning tasks are to be accoplished. Look it up and if you have concerns bring them up and follow the chain of command as far as you feel necessary.
      At the corp I work for, everyone is equally responsible to complete cleaning tasks. Obviously everyone cleans up after themselves first and foremost. We have a daily checklist and everyone marks off what they do, as they complete it. I also implemented a weekly deep clean list for things that may be out of sight or that need to be scrubbed weekly. Each person in the salon is on the list, and tasks are rotated so no one gets stuck always doing the same thing. During our slow times, I go around and find exta things that need to get done and make a one time list that everyone is part of.
      I don't agree with any one person being responsible for cleaning. Now, if one day someone had more time than everyone else I expect them to clean or find something productive to do. Why sit around when you could help the salon as a whole? As a salon manager I am equally responsible. My weekly clean tasks are seperate just because I also have manager duties that no one else has to worry about, but if I am slow I also organize, and do extra deep cleans. A salon should function as a team.