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    It pays to get along with other groomers, at least the ones receptive. Another shop in town is closing December 31 and we are not personal friends, but being on opposite sides of town I would refer to her and she to me. She called an said she will be closing doors, not selling as there isn't much time and she is giving me her client list if 600.

    OMG, I am going to give her a great farewell party and a cash present for her move anyway. I am friendly as I said with other groomers and I know they are excellent solid groomers and will share some leads with them too in their areas too.

    Annie is moving to Costa Rica with her older husband who is semi-retiring. He can do some business from there via Internet. I told her she should be on that House Hunters Intl show!

    Isn't that a nice thing, and I want to continue the nice thing sharing this windfall too. There are great groomers out there and like this board too where there is help for one another. So happy. If it works out and I actually gain enough of her clientele I will likely hire one of her groomers too, and a bather. That will take some homework.

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    Wow. This may be the nicest thing I have heard from a "competitor" ever. Congrats! Give her an awesome farewell party!


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      Great! I would like if concurrent of my town was like her! They are more trying to get me down than anything else!


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        That's wonderful. Being a decent person who is friendly does pay off. Good for you!
        I know a few groomers in my area. We get along well. We are supportive towards each other.


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          Fantastic news. Early Christmas present.


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              Wow, nice people, that's all this is, nice people. I see so many groomers treating other groomers ****** on FB, nice to hear this.


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                Jackpot is right.