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    I have a fairly active facebook page for my business, and I would like your input on how to handle a comment that was left.

    I received this 'public' message last night from a client that had brought a chow in about 6 weeks ago, stating that she was disappointed in her last appointment, that she didn't believe that I even bathed her dog since it still had a odor to it, and it was shedding terribly and she just had to re-groom this dog herself since we did such a horrible job.

    Since I won't be able to review the client info until tomorrow to find out the particulars about the groom, it's bugging me to no end that this person felt she had to post this without attempting to call and resolve any problems she may have had (and 6 weeks latter).

    There is absolutely no doubt on my end the dog received a proper groom (skin/coat appropriate shampoo and de-shed), and I want to handle this in a professional/adult manner without this turning into a nightmare, how would you approach this?

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    OK so not a fb expert here at all but I would respond and ask her for a time you could talk and resolve the problem. Hopefully she will then remove the post if you can come to some sort of agreement over what happened. The public would see that you are addressing the situation in the meantime.


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      I got a sort of negative comment and I called the customer and asked to talk about it. We did, a bit of agree to disagree, but comment disappeared. As you said she didn't contact us first. Oh well, that's social today.


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        I did that as soon as I saw her post, I guess I was taken off guard as she choose to throw this on-line out of the blue. I always tell clients if they have any questions or concerns to call me, -at the end when they are picking up their pet before they walk out the door.

        Will be making a phone call tomorrow, and see if this can be sorted out.


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          I was told that you can remove any comments you want to from your face book page. I would think this applies to both business and personal pages.


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            I HOPE that you don't offer her a FREE groom. May be you should post your outcome of the meeting you will have with this client, stating what/how you groomed her dog and the resolution....NO FREE GROOM

            Happy not being on Facebook

            Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC



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              If they asked for a free groom, they will be getting more of the same which they are unhappy with. I would bring that up if that's what they want. And in any case, I would not give them anything for free.


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                My business does not have a facebook page for just this reason. I have a personal page but my customers do not know this nor do they know my last name just my first name. Of course they can always go to Yelp to complain. Be glad she used your Facebook Page and not Yelp. You have much more control on Facebook.


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                  I spoke with the lady who made the comments, and said said she had deleted her comment, and felt really guilty about posting that way (on facebook) without talking with me first. Then said she was too embarrassed to call after she did all that (she's a older lady).

                  I just told her I was concerned that she didn't take the opportunity to contact me right after we groomed her dog to let me know about the problem so I could correct any problems she had. She told me she hadn't been feeling well lately, and didn't know why she even posted her comments like that, and said she sorry sorry for being unfair to me that way.

                  Wow, I was so not expecting an apology after what she had written. I will be posting a sign by the door reminding folks that I am available for any questions or concerns. Side note~ I'm beginning to hate full moons