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  • Sharing Hints from Hershey

    I was working today and realized that a couple of the hints I picked up from my seminars were things that possibly somebody else could use as well. Since we can only get a certain seminars I was wondering if anybody else might be willing to share a hint or two of something they thought was important enough. Even something that seems common sense to you might be new to someone else.

    For instance, I have been doing this but now I got the official OK from seminar, to use 30 blade to edge of foot as it standing on the table. Very helpful to catch all those little straggly hair especially on dogs that don't like the feet touched.
    Secondhand, use your thinning shears to go straight across the bridge of the nose from inside I to the other inside I want to create this absolutely adorable expression.

    Anybody else pick up something that was really good to share?

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    No wasn't there but thanks for the tip.