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  • Plaid?

    At first I thought I got a crank call, not so sure now. New customer calls and opens with explanation. We are having Western roundup party at our ranch and the theme for wear is plaid. We have bichon mix and wondered if we could do a plaid style. Well, when seconds before you were deep into dealing with an anxious pet who doesn't want poodle feet, there was a long pause on my behalf. Plaid? Oh yes, pliad. So I asked if they met dyeing the coat and they were kind of up to that, but have never done. Then I said why not a plaid coat or sweater. No they thought of that.

    Funny but I thought of the creative sheep thread.

    I suppose you could make stripes at different heights in a plaid pattern.

    I ended up recommending them to another groomer who loves creative grooming. Hope it works out I would like to see what they come up with.

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    I like your idea of layering lines like on the sheep, Could be awesome.


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      I saw the title and thought you were addressing your post to me! Lol


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        Originally posted by plaidjaguar View Post
        I saw the title and thought you were addressing your post to me! Lol
        Lol, so did I.
        Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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          Yup. Me too.
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            Even with blo pen and a lot of breath could make a patch of plaid.


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              I would have used a stencil airbrushed one color, moved stencil and airbrushed different color. .

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