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Another anal gland question

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  • Another anal gland question

    Today when I expressed a shih-tzu's anal glands, a white, pasty discharge came out. Has anyone seen this before? I've seen it brown, black, and even green, but never white.

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    When you say white, do you mean a pale yellow color? I've seen that plenty of times. Never white, as in snow white, though.

    By the way, green anal gland discharge is almost always associated with an infection.


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      I've seen "white" several times. The pale yellow color, whatever it is. I've seen green several times and always tell the owner that the dog might have a possible infection to take it to the vet immediately...... If it's any color other than green it's fine. Well unless it comes out pink or red, that's another problem.


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        I am so glad I don't do anal glands. Yah, know people always say "why does it cost so much to get my dog groomed" Well, does your hairdresser wash, shave and express your butt?!!! Do you try to bite your hairdresser. Do you ever pee or poop or both in your hairdressers chair? Does your hairdresser do your nails?
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          Today I had one that had REALLY green anal gland goop. It was thin and green, like "greenies" green. She does have an ear infection, but Helly, I'm not so sure that is the kind of "infection" you're talking about. Care to clarify? I don't want to call the owner in a panic if the infection is the ear infection and not something else.

          Tammy in Utah
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            I've seen the light yellow/white alot but thank god no green
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              Tammy - If I were you, I would certainly call the owners "just in case!"