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Offering Retail... that isn't?

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  • Offering Retail... that isn't?

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    I don't know if this is something you could do or not, but what if you include the tax in the price? Maybe someone else would know if this is possible??


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      actually if the owner of the dog wanted the product just tell them you will order it for them and just charge them the amount you paid for the product. if you need to have it shipped then add the shipping fee to the amount or if you really dont mind paying that extra or if you order your shampoo's from the same company then it dosnt really matter. i would just charge them the amount of the groom plus the tear stain cleaner. if its a 40 dollar groom and the tear stain cleaner is 10 dollars then that brings the total amount to 50 dollars.


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        I think that selling retail is fun, but it can be a lot of extra work too...with ordering and retail taxes and all. I'm not sure if you can add retail as part of your service packages legally or not. Hmmm...


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          I guess what I didn't like if you had like little things that cost only a couple dollars and you didn't sell it you have to pay
          Tangible Personal Property Tax on it anyway each year you keep it in your shop, just got tired of that and sales tax, inventory ect.


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            I'm pretty sure if you include an item with the groom and don't specifically charge for the item (ie your groom is $50.00 and includes this free brush or whatever) you are probably ok. However, this is assuming that you paid sales tax when you brought the brush in the first place. On the other hand, I owned a retail store for 12 years and dealt with the whole sales tax issue and it's really no big deal. Especially on such a small scale. Just get a resale license and charge your customers sales tax. You will probably only need to report and forward the tax quarterly. It's not difficult and doesn't cost you a thing. Much better than risking some kind of audit a couple years down the line and finding out you owe sales tax that you never collected from clients and paying it out of your own pocket.


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              Wash State is Funny..I talked extensively with the dept of revenue
              because we are offering a sevice we do not charge sales taxe so you can use it as an add on service like teeth brushing nail clipping etc. But you can not sell the whole container. If you want to sell the whole container you are now into retail and you must charge sales tax. So your best bet to stay out of trouble is to charge tax if you want to resale. Your Wash UBI # is also your retail # that you can give to suppliers so you do not have to pay tax for the items you are going to resale. Hope that helps
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                Taxes and Retail...

                We do sell some small items...items are only taxed once...not everytime they go through someone elses hands.

                When you purchased the items for resale did you pay tax on the items?
                If they are for resale you shouldn't. You would use your sales/use tax ID number. You are going to charge your customers the tax and pay in.

                If you did pay tax on the item, it's improper to resell AND charge tax. Thats double paying Uncle Sam.

                Also if you purchased equipment (IE: dryers for your business) make sure you are being charged tax if they are for YOUR OWN USE. An audit could catch this and you'd find yourself paying tax on these items down the road.

                Pay Tax on items for your own use.
                Don't pay tax on items for resale...the customer ends up paying that tax.


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