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  • hydrolic bathtub

    hey guys....
    remember how we were all talking about bathtubs? and i said it would be nice if someone came up with a hydraulic bathtub where it can be raised and lowered? HAS a hydraulic bathtub in their trailers!
    lookie that!!!!!!!
    how awesome!
    just wanted to share

    Stephen: They are a sponsor of, but remember you can buy the tub separately. These products have LONG been in the Classified Ads here. There's more to, like 5,000 web pages, than this board. A hydraulic tub is a real back saver.

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    but where do you put the grey tank?
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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      I thought this product was a sticky at one point? Now, I'm all mixed-up. I went to the site a few months ago and looked at it!


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        It's been around for a looooong time. Expensive. I'll just keep using my steps, the dogs walk up 'em like it's not a big deal.

        Tammy in Utah
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          well i was looking at it yesterday....well its only 2600! heck id love a hydrolic bathtub better than a stationary one LOL! comeon more shoving those stubborn doggys up the steps/ramp...just lower the tub...hop on in! i know at the last shop i worked at...wehad to lift most of the dogs...those darn lazy great pyrs didnt help either! 2 people lifting and the dog is a dead weight? man that was a killer! what i liked about the hydrolic bathtub is you can raise or lower it to the height you need the dog more bending over the lil ones! plus if ya use it in a can adjust the height needed for the bather to comfortably bathe, and YOU the groomer to comfortably bathe. a win win in any situation LOL!
          thanks stephen...i noticed after i posted it yesterday (noticed today) that they were sponsers on the board too! lol! i know theres tons of other pages on here too...but this is the only one i have time to read LOL!