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Scab ON My Schnauzers' Cheek

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  • Scab ON My Schnauzers' Cheek

    My Halle scratched her cheek last week and now has a scab there with fur stuck to it. She needs to be groomed but what would you do with the scab? I hope to soften it up with warm soapy water, but can't shave her cheek for the trim. I know it would be raw under there. Advice?

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    Apply Vasaline or Bag Balm for several hours before you bathe her. That should soften the scab. Don't be afraid to clip or scissor the hair short around it. That will keep hair from getting matted over and in the scab. I'd probably keep Bag Balm on it until it heals, unless it's oozing.

    Or....geeze, I can't think of what it's called. Come on all you horsey people, what's that blue stuff we used to put on wounds on horses?


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      I'd just groom around it and leave that area alone until everything was healed up and the scab began to give way. Trying to clean it up will probably just make the dog want to scratch at it...then you're back where you started! A little neosporn ointment should help it along.


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        i would just leave it and let it heal till it comes off. i used to have a dog that would get flea bite dermatitis. if she got one flea, she would dig like crazy, and she was black(so you could imagine how hard it would be to find 1 flea! anyway when she got a scab i would just rub 1% cortisone cream on her and it would clear up really fast.


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          Well as a former Vet Asst. I would say clip it as close as you can after you soften the scab. It will heal faster if you get the hair away from it so the air can get to it , instead of the hair trapping the moisture and ooze. Just like with a child, she may fuss but it's for her own good MOM.


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            Nolvason is the stuff I like, blue cream, good for burns too.

            Icthamol is the brown stuff that smells like tupentine, good to close
            wide wounds.

            Scarlet oil, is red and is good for healing punctures from the inside out.

            Wonder dust is a blue powder that is good for drying up wounds that are
            not draining but are seeping.

            Is it one of those?


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              I too would try to clip it as close as you can after it's softened. It should heal faster by keeping the hair away and let the air get to it. Good Luck!!


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                Dere Helllwe and de ozzer guys.....

                Thankx fur da advice ya gave my momma . She will try da bag balm and I promise to be a good girl and let her fix me. My mama talks to you guys a lot so I know you are our friends. Luv, Halle