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    So I did 2 count'em 2 Grt Prys on Sunday with 4 or grooms didn't leave until almost 7pm. Very long day, but back to the Pry's. The first one Smokey over 150lbs super thick I got most of him roughed in with a 7F some spots a 10. He passed out on the floor once I got a side shaved (I think he was enjoying the cool tile). The poor baby his underside and neck were red and wet. Behind his ears were big red scabs. Poor baby after and hour and half of shaving and 5 washes he was finally white. At this point I had to wipe the drool puddle off the floor, clean 4 7s and 3 10s. Then on to Sugar oh my gosh 150 even the hair was so tight and clumped it barely came off with a 10 and then it came off in a pelt . Thankfully she didn't drool so her neck looked so much better than her bubba's. I would almost say that she was in slightly better skin condition than Smokey (she only needed 3 washes). Both of them were so happy to be naked (105 heat index on Sunday) I wish there feet could've looked better they both were walking off when I was trying to do them.

    The owner was so grateful that he tipped 40 bucks.
    He was deployed for 18 monthes in Germany had his buddy watch the dogs.

    I'm working on getting the pics downloaded.
    Never gonna know if you never even try

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    UGH. My back hurts just doing one. I think I would cry if I had to do 2 of them in the same week let alone day.
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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      After that kind of work.......

      You should be able to buy a new Mercedes! The lil sporty one! Did you schedule these two ? I don't want to groom two Cockers in the same day. You must be young and have a lot of stamina and persistance. I hope you were paid well with a BIG tip!


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        Yes young and I had a very good bather who roughed in the rest of the crew. So all I wanna say is thank you Carlie.
        Never gonna know if you never even try


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          Why are you working on a Sunday????????


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            hey I work on sun too, hope that was all you had to do ugh


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              I'm assuming "Pry's" are actually "PYRS," as in Great Pyrenese! LOL, I was like, "What's a PRY?" until I realized what you were talking about.

              You need a hot bubble bath. So did the dogs, glad you could give it to them.

              Tammy in Utah
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                hey i remember last shop i worked at....3 collies (used to be 4) ALL ROUGH COATS IN FULL COAT, AND 3 pyrs on top of that! ONCE A MONTH! ARGH!!! although pyr day was alot better than collie day...i DREADED collie day....those dogs took FOREVER AND A DAY LOL! the pyrs actually didnt take as long as the collies did to bathe and dry em. i wouldnt mind doing pyrs...i think ill refuse any rough collies that come my way though unless i dont have to bathe and dry them LOL!!!
                whenever that day was approchian...i was a thinkin...ooooooooh boy this would be the day to call in sick lmao! never did...but geez...those 3 collies plus the other the next day too. ugh!
                hated it!
                im sure those pyrs where so glad to be baldy sours that they didnt care that you were trying to do their feet. FORGETTABOUTIT! WE ARE SOOOOOOO OUTTA HERE LOL! im sure the guy felt so guilty about those dogs being in that bad of shape too.


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                  The guy was really nice. You could tell he felt bad about their condition. Two Pyrenese is enough, I can't imagine doing 3 rough collies unless they were shaves. But fully coated that sucks. Personally the last coated Pyrenese (small, less than 75lbs) that I did took about 2 hrs to dry his shelty friend 1.5 hrs.
                  Never gonna know if you never even try