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This is not my dog. (kinda long)

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  • This is not my dog. (kinda long)

    I shaved down a badly matted, horribly flea infested chow a few days ago. The owner last year shaved it in a lion cut and they hated that so they asked for his head/ears/body/legs everything to be shaved with a 10 except for the tail which was to be cut short.

    I wasn't actually present when the owners picked up the dog but whoever released him said "fluffy isn't so fluffy anymore" and the owners took the dog home. The next morning they call up and insist that the dog they brought home isn't their dog. There is no doubt that it is but looks so different than when they brought him first in.

    They kept insisting and insisting and almost brought the dog back in until we mentioned that we had taken pictures of the dog (thank goodness I did!).

    Now I wonder what can you do when you know the owners got the right dog but they insist that it isn't their dog? Luckly pictures were enough this time but I don't always happen to take pics of every dog so far. We were thinking this was some kind of attempt at a scam to try to get money from the workplace.

    What would you guys do?

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    Taking the pictures was a wonderful thing to do(any tattoos or identifying markings would be helpful)Knowing what Vet they go to would help also...
    any teeth removed,microchip or health issues such as elevated levels of various enzymes of pancreas,liver kidney,etc. Documentation is the most important aid in investigation as it helps to establish a foundation. Contact a GOOD attorney who knows how to represent and present to a judge(should it come to that) If they are trying to gain financial freedom from a groomer,Shame on them! If they don't want the dog,contact me and I'll help find a great home.


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      Contact the mental ward. If someone doesn't realize it is their dog after they take it home there is something wrong there.


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        Tell them, "You're right." Take the dog back, give it to someone who will love it and take care of it and the problem is solved. If a person can't recognize their dog's FACE, I would be surprised.

        I know chow chows look alike, but still I think they have their own individual look. I'm sure they noticed a difference in personality---the dog probably FELT better and was acting so.

        Allan had great advice, I couldn't add anything more.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          EXACTLY Pets!!! What kind of goofus doesn't even recognize their own pets personality?? Show's how well those owners treat their pet. Do they think Chows just normally go home with strangers?? Or greet them with a happy face?? Good gracious!!


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            What did they think you did with their REAL dog?


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              It just goes to show you how many people pet and talk to their dog,make it a real part of your family or is the dog just apart of the furniture?


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                This poor dog was pretty neglected, he was infested with fleas. After we told the owner about the pictures they shushed up and haven't contacted us since.

                They were insisting that we gave their dog to another owner and everything.

                I've never had a person do this so it kinda freaked me out thinking man if this was my own salon what would I do....I'm glad it at least ended well this time but it could happen to just about anyone.