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  • Bathtubs

    I would like to put up 2 bathtubs in the new shop. I know I have a year or so until they make us move it but I am getting all my ducks in a row now so I know what to purchase when we move. I want to do them nicely, and Im not too fond of the ones they sell in any of you have pics of your tub set ups so I can get some ideas? I think I want the tubs back to back but Im not 100% positive yet. Just want some ideas on how to make a bathtub as pretty as I can LOL Thanks!

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    well, I for one, do not like the stainless steel ones. I have a groomers best, and its just wayy too noisey..pops and all that water spraying bouncing off the thing, scares them more imo. I like the one unit fiberglass ones with the builtin surrounds...its all one piece. you can always get lil sticky paw prints to add around the top like a border! be cute. Just enclose the bottom when you set them up high and then you have room for storage!


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      What I prefer in a bathtub is that I can blow dry the big guys while they're right in it---thus I can hose it down afterward with less of a mess. If that is not what you want, then my ideas may not be as appealing to you.

      First, there are those one-piece units they sell at Lowe's and The Home Depot. They are quite tall and you can raise them above the ground of course, and they would be sufficient to help keep the hair to a minimum (and the clean-up, which is the worst part).

      Second, have you ever thought of Cultured Marble? It's NOT marble, but it looks like it. I worked at a place that had 6 tubs, all made from cultured marble. The back/side walls went way up high and we could hose or squeegee them down. The side of the tub that you stand on to bath was short so that you coudl reach easier and there wasn't a lot of depth to them, they were sooooo nice. Right now I have a tub that is surrounded by 3 walls made of cultured marble. We also have hard water so I use scrubbing bubbles and then rinse and squeegee it down after work. No hard water issues.

      I think the tubs "made" for groomers are very expensive and they're not that great---I mean, they don't have high walls which I think is important. Stainless steel doesn't impress me after the newness wears off, but I realize that it will last for a long time (but so should a regular tub). I just don't get what all the expense is all about. It's a TUB for heaven's sakes, not a home! lol

      Tammy in Utah
      PS: You can easily have steps built up to these tubs, covered in indoor-outdoor carpet and the dogs go up them with very little reservation or hesitation.
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        I am with you guys, I like the tubs built for homes, not grooming salons lol. Im gonna go take a peek at lowes and see what they have.....I like the marble idea....hmmmm Doesnt stainless scratch too? We had a stainless fridge at my last house and heaven forbid one of the kids scratch it w/ a toy.....I cant imagine toenails on it everyday? I dont want something fancy, I want it to work well!


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          The cultured marble was great because it was custom made, but at the same time it looked nice, not cheap. It consisted of 3 sides, easy to rinse, and then the side you stand on when you are bathing was only, ohhhh, 6 inches high or so. We didn't even need grates because we had big tubs for big dogs and higher, smaller tubs for smaller dogs. It was soooooo easy to clean!

          Tammy in Utah
          PS: I'd show you photos but they're saved on my computer that is stored away while we stay at my in-laws.
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