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  • dematting

    I have this shi that comes in every 2 weeks and this dog has cotton coat and always has mats the owner does run a comb thru, but nothing seems to help any ideas coat is 1/2 long. I use a lot of conditioner and best shots demat, but its still alot of work.

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    Have you tried some cowboy magic after the groom?
    She could buy a tube and just rub a dab about the size of a pea or a dime
    on your hands and fluff it though his coat after he is dry.
    Really slicks them up and then comb it though. Might help for a couple of days anyhow. IF she is good at combing him, I would try it.


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      Using a lot of conditioner may be part of the reason it's matting up so badly. Some conditioners, especially heavy pack conditioners, will contribute to matting because they're waxy.

      I'd try using just a leave in spray conditioner. I've been using Davis Mat Out on dogs, especially cockers, that used to come in with lots of mats in their furnishings, and I've found that they don't get matted nearly as badly since I started using it. Many of them aren't coming in with mats at all.


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        I agree w/ Helly

        I used to groom a long to the table, Shi-tzu that also tangled. I used Best Shot shampoo and conditioner. I over conditioned. Also static electricity can cause tangles. I switched to Coat handler 15-1 and their conditioner and diluted it a lot. It worked better at keeping tangles out but they also brushed daily.


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          I also agree with Helly. No more conditioner. I find on those really soft coats, it will mat them up quicker than heck. I just use a very light spritz of The Stuff after the bath, brush it through the wet coat, then blow dry. The tangles come out so easy. Every 2 weeks should be a breeze. Hope you're getting the dog combed out throughly after the bath-even a little pin mat left in the coat will blossom into a big mat later. No pre-bath brushing either, right? Just into the tub. Let your HV dryer do the work for you.
          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

          Groom on!!!