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  • Have any of you ever tried........

    using a beautician's razor for cutting hair? My hairstylist, who is also one of my friends, gives me razor cuts on my hair- it's apparently becoming somewhat of a lost art, hard to find a stylist who will do it. Anyhow, my hair is straight and fine, and with the razor, there are of course no scissor marks, and my hair just looks better cut with one.

    She said I can get the same razor she has at Sally's, and they're pretty inexpensive. She also said hair has to be wet or at least damp, or it will pull too much. She said if I wash and dry a dog, I could just use a mister bottle of water or light leave-in conditioner while grooming, to give the hair some slip.

    I do alot of terriers, which you want a more 'natural' look on, and I thought it would be worth trying on some of them. Breeds like Yorkies, as well, since they have that fine straight hair that shows scissor marks so easily.

    Anyone tried this? Man, I love to 'play'.lol

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    That is the same thing I thought when I got my hair done a few months ago. I asked for a few layers and she was using a razor. I though ooo how would you do that on dogs? But then I though, nahhh.. hehe


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      For Yorkies.....

      Sometimes I lift the fur w/ comb and trim with thinners ,or clipper vac then go over it again w/thinners. I think the razor would be risky and I would cut myself or the dog. I have fixed sticky outie on my own hair w/ a thinning shear. I woulod be interested in knowing how it goes and a picture though.


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        I use one all the time as a blender.I go w/the lay of the coat w/a gard over the balde.You do need to be careful to insure that the gard dosent slip or you will slice the dog.I never use it w/out the gard,but have often thought about it,but havent because you would need a nice long coated drop, coated dog that stood still!Give it a try,play around a bit and good luck.


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          Thanks, guys. I plan on using the kind you use to cut hair, which has a guard-not the regular straight razor used to give a man shaves. No guard, odds are good I'd cut myself long before a I plan on using it on long hair, like furnishings, and won't be anywhere near the skin. I'll let you know and post pics when I try it. :-)


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            I was always under the assumption that was kind of the same thing as hand stripping??? I always use my stripper to blend out lines and i run it over the backs of the terriers that are suppose to have a courser coat after I've shaved them with clippers. I heard two years ago doing that keeps the coat from going all soft and fuzzy.


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              Personnally, I don't see how it could work, as the skin on a dog stretches, and the skin on the scalp doesn't, making it pretty had to get and even cut, even though by using a razor you are not getting a real even cut.

              I was a hairdresser at one time a used a razor too, but generally fine hair didn't get razor cut, because to purpose of the razor cut is to be able to blend and thin out thicker hair more easily.

              I layer cut dogs with scissors and am able to blend just fine that way, and the hair is dry than. Hair stretches when it is wet too, so it is hard to be sure how it is going to turn out when it is dry.