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  • projecting supply costs

    I am working on a business plan and one of the things I need to do is project costs. Things like Electricity and water will vary by state, but how do you forecast your supply orders? How much would you plan to spend on shamppo for a business doing 36 dogs/day 5 days per week? Say you spend $25 on a gallon, how many dogs would you anticipate that gallon would last you? How much would you budget for shampoo a month? Does this make any sense??? I currently work in the accounting dept. of a government agency and we are hitting end of fiscal year so my brain is rather fried with numbers!! And to have a goal of getting the expense projections in my business plan done for my weekend project. BLAAHH.

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    Well, it For example, what's the dilution ratio on the shampoo? They vary greatly, and you'll probably use several different kinds. You need to slightly over-estimate, or at least I do. There are so many other odds and ends when it comes to supplies, too- ear cleaner, cotton balls, paper towel, cleaners and disinfectants, laundry supplies or a towel service, etc. Oops, that wasn't much help, was it? Sorry. :-)


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      Not rocket science

      Just a guess , but I would say a gallon a week is a good guess but most gallon average $30 plus


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        Here are some things to conside first:
        Employee or IC
        Rent or Own building?

        Also, times your weekly total by 52 then divide by 12 it is the ONLY way to get the right estimate. I use to just multiply by 4 weeks.

        Rent- known
        Power- call and the will give you an estimate
        Phone- you will get a good estimate
        Water- once again, call.
        Insurance- you'll know
        Security- known
        Lawn- known
        Pest Control- known
        Bank Fees- this covers credit card charges if you accept them, NSF checks that don't ever clear, etc.
        Phonebook ad? optional
        Payroll- mandatory
        Payroll Taxes- only if employee
        Retail Taxes- only if selling items
        Vendors- for boutique, retail, etc.
        Supplies- paper, ink, pens, folders, etc.
        Shampoo- average 1 gallon per 20 dogs to be safe.
        Marketing- what will you do?
        Miscellaneous- keep that cushion.
        Workmans Comp.- check with your state.

        This should get you going.


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          I think I do about 750 - 800 grooms with one gallon of Griminator and recirc. bathing system. I'd have to get out the calculator to be sure, but one gallon lasts about five to six months for me. I use it almost exclusively. I have soft water which does make grooming (or any washing) easier. I usually do two shampoos per pet.


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            Just a miscellaneous to add to that

            Paper products such as paper towels, toilet paper,
            Pens, forms, printing/bus. cards
            Computer/Internet costs
            Cleaning solutions and laundry detergent
            blade sharpening-
            annual licenses if applicable

            emregency fund - vet bills should you knick a pet, etc. any equipment repairs
            And...if several employees, one always gets sick or leaves annually - its inevitable.


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              This would be a snap with Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler if you spend the money for one. It has over 300 supply and other categories and when done prints out a shopping list, and it posts all the costs automatically to profit loss projections. Light years ahead and more accurate and complete and to SBA standards. You even note the source and how many and it calculates out, and so much more. Plus 15 other spreadsheets with simple data entry for other costs and it then tells you how much cash you need for your venture, including how much cash you need in reserve until your business reaches breakeven point....time for more grooming business owners to let technology give you near perfect accuracy and completeness...that's why it is selling so well and getting rave reviews. There are over 200 possible startup costs not yet mentioned in this thread that you would be made aware of.
              Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of


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                We usually put aside about 250 for shampoo and approx 100 or so for sharpening, new equipt etc. This is approx 25-30+ dogs per day, six days a week.