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Anyone going to the Pet Pro Classic?

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  • Anyone going to the Pet Pro Classic?

    I know it's not until November, but it'll come and go before we know it. I am planning on attending. I am also planning on registering to become a member of ISCC.

    Is there anything else I should keep my eye out for? Any Show Specials for, say, the SuperCoats Module?

    It's in Plano, TX, this year at the Southfork Hotel/Ranch, where the TV drama "Dallas" was filmed. I don't think I'll be staying there, too pricey when I can spend my money on things I can keep, lol.

    Can't wait!

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate

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    plano texas?? where abouts is that? will you be flyin in to dallas/ft worth? wish I had someone from here or nashville to travel with...anyone wanna go pm me let me know!! IM one hour north of Nashville..2 hours west of lexington, and 1 1/2 hours south of louisville!! somebody hollerrrrr!! lol

    I WOULD LOVEEEEEE TO GO! that reminds me, I need to renew my membership with ISCC...oops


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      I am going and this will be my 6th year in a row to attend. This is their 20 yr anniversary and they say they plan to "do it big". Plano is a suburb of Dallas and only about an hour drive from the DFW airport. I only live about an hour away so I will commute rather than pay for hotel to stay there.

      As for the Super Coats module, I purchased it at last year's show and STILL haven't gotten it! They say they are now only waiting on the printing of the book that goes with it to be ready to ship them out. I have always been extremely impressed with the products and materials that ISCC has put out in the past, but can not describe how unhappy I am about spending $400+ on a product I was told would be ready within a few weeks to still be waiting 7 MONTHS later to recieve! The ONLY reason I haven't insisted on a refund is because I am sure I will find it worth the money once I do get it-someday. But I can tell you that I will NEVER buy something from ANYONE again that isn't ready for distrubution at the time it is purchased.

      Hope to see many of you there. It is a fun show and almost overwhelming to try and choose what classes to attend as there are several different ones going on at the same time. Hopefully by "do it big" they also mean trying to get tons of vendors in!
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