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The "fruity" smell of success

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  • The "fruity" smell of success

    I've been out of BlueBerry Facial for a while & for whatever reason have not been able to get a person for several times now. (Phone tag) Finally today I did. A girl answers, -woo whoo a person! Transfers me to a guy.

    He offfers blah blah...
    "I'm already sold on the stuff I want to order some".

    City please- ok
    State- ok
    Name- uh huh
    Phone number
    (Now were gettin somewhere! Got my credit card out & ready!!)

    Ok he says he'll have one of his associates call me back.

    "Like when?"

    "In a couple of days?!!!!"

    So here I sits! No BBF.
    I knew I should have went for the samples.

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    HMM, they must be realllllly busy! they called me today checking on how I liked the Spa line and was it working for me? They were quite nice and we had a nice chat, so maybe I had them tied up on the line! can't you order it online?? try doing it that way...good luck


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      Over Bought in Atlanta!

      I bought way too much in Atlanta. I emailed you my info. I love the stuff but I am surprised at how well it works and the dilution ratio.
      The little furbabies smell like blueberry muffins when they are done!!


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        Have you tried South bark blueberry facial? I like it better:-)


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          MMMMMMMM sounds so good!!

          Tell me more! Where do I go to get some BlueBerry good smell for my little fur clients???? Is it ok to post a brand here?


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            I keep hearing about Blueberry facials and want to try some. Where do i purchase it?

            Those who use a deshedding shampoo, which brand do you find works the best?



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              She is talking about the "Real" bbf. Not that fake spa lavish **** that does not work lol
              If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                Thanks pawsforthought!

                How very nice of you!!

                Smelling fruity earlier than I planned!



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                  Just wondering, how much is this stuff wholesale to groomers? I looked at their website, and 14.99 is pretty spendy for a 12oz bottle, but I would be willing to try it.


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                    Yep GR I was speaking of SouthBark's

                    BlueBerry Facial stuff. Now I know why it's on back order -or whatever the wait was for. They had a truckload going to Orlando!!

                    I bought a small bottle at The Atlanta Pet Fair (APF) & used it all- every every drop. Gotta have some more. It's worth the money. Like Pawsforthought said- it's pretty concentrated & I use it for most dogs for the face only. Altho several of my small pooches get the (say this in your best uppity voice)
                    Full Body Deluxe Blue Berry Treatment Dahling....



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                      Erica, great minds think alike:-)

                      Search southbark blueberry facial. I use it on ALL dogs it really help with staining of eyes from Bichons to Shih Tzus and even Goldens that get the crusty's.


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                        Originally posted by diamienono View Post
                        She is talking about the "Real" bbf. Not that fake spa lavish **** that does not work lol
                        the spa lavish has worked great on the dogs I've used it on, maybe you are not using it correctly? letting it sit longer? not diluted? it has worked fantastic on a maltese that I groom weekly, and a westie that comes in bi-weekly...major difference! the owners love it and profit is the bottom line..


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                          I got my BluBerry Facial stuff

                          today from Pawsforthought! (She's not a wholesaler etc.. just had some extra)

                          I drove over & took my Std. She had another friend/mobile groomer there with her mobile unit!
                          Very exciting! Got ideas for my conversion, we played trim the Poodle feet with different clippers & talked about grooming.

                          Great time!
                          Thanks Pawsforthought & company