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  • Short nails

    This is my Dachshunds toenails in the summer time, VERY short, only because she likes and demands to chase the water hose when I'm trying to water the flowers every night.
    She runs on the cement little walkway after the water stream. What a great way to keep her nails short I wish all my customers could do the same.
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    ahh those are beautiful nails! ive taken to filing eddies nails every couple of days now to try and get them fronts down more. his back feet are perfectly i just do a quick little zap zap on each nail...his fronts are a little longer...although i did quick one with the dremel 2 days ago and forgot which one i did and did it again yesterday...not bad...just a tiny little drop of blood but the way he was yanking that foot away you would ahve thought i filed half his dang nail off! LOL!


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      I'm too embarrassed to post photos of Spike's nails. You all would call the SPCA on me, LOL.

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate