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One of those SASSAFRASSIN days.

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  • One of those SASSAFRASSIN days.

    Okay, my day officially STINKS and to top it of it got worse.

    I have this very old Golden that I groom every Friday and have for over a year. Today he bit my right hand, did not break the skin but them impact fractured my hand.

    Then to top it off, I am leaving to head to the Dr. since my hand is now the size of a small melon and who do I see stopped at the light? But, that groomer paws something that is always bashing me on this site and she has the nerve to flip me off (and not just one but a whole flock of them). Please, get a life.

    Just needed to vent :-)

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    OMG on both accounts! Ooooooooh how is your hand? So sorry hun.

    And she flipped you off? What the hec.......Even if I had issues w/ someone I wouldnt do that!


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      poor Gracy

      that stinks.......sorry you had such a bad son is sending me the stuff in a few hours......if ya know what i mean........we were gone all day he couldn't finish "the Stuff" But he's almost done......really......who's this Gracy basher......let me ater.....just let me ater......the all important question is........Can you still groom?


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        I ran into a baaaad groomer

        today too. We just exchanged looks!

        I really wanted to key her car but I thought "maybe not".

        Success is the best revenge. Here doggy doggy!

        Hope you're feeling better by now GR!



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          Sorry you had a bad day. How did the dog bite you? On the table? In the tub? What a naughty thing. What did the owner say?

          Tammy in Utah
          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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            Maybe you should refer that Golden to her hehe.
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              I hope your hand is ok! Sorry for the cali. hello you got too.


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                Aw Poor girl Got Bit and Flipped all in one day. Have a margarita or libation of your choice and a bubble bath and let Calgon take you away.....hmmmm. Hope tomorrow is 12 times better.


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                  why did she flip you off? what is the war between you two about? maybe you should've just waved at her and went on as if nothing happened..sometimes thats the best way to handle people...did you wave your bad hand? how is it? how the heck did it fracture your hand? she must've had one heck of a bite!


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                    Gracie hope yout hand gets well quick as for your basher chalk it up to her being jealous of your success.Is the golden going deaf?I got bit bad by a cocker who was deaf (I startled her while she was sleeping)well hope you feel better soon.


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                      Cheri, I waved to be sweet, I didn't know it was her at first.

                      I always wave, in fact I have met two friends because of this. One I called when we passed just to say hi and she asked if I would pull over so she could see my van. The other called me and asked if I would like to stop and have lunch sice it was almost noon.

                      I am not quite sure of the war. She says she owns half of my shop? Which is news to me and my hubby. She also claims that I stole her idea of a doggy "spaw" which actually I think has been around for years (lol). I think she is only like 23 or 24 or so.That is about all I know.

                      She did post that I thought that I was going to steal all of the business because I bought a new van and that i was selfish for thinking of getting a second.

                      As mush as I hate to say (because there is truly no reason for anyone to be jealous) is that she is jealous of something.


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                        I am so fortunate to be on good terms w/ the other groomers around me. I could hang out w/ them on any given day and have a blast! We refer each other clients etc. I truly think of them as friends


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                          Country, most of us are like that :-) and most of us have problems with her :-(


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                            Gracie, hope your hand is doing ok. Sorry you had such a BAD day. We are at the weekend, lay back relax a little. Have others serve you, you just take it easy.

                            Will you be able to groom come Monday?
                            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                              Oh my Gosh! Fractured your hand? I am so sorry! What will you do? How long will you be out of commission? What a horrible thing to happen!

                              You know, I think many people on this site would agree that you have offered so much to the site. I've often seen you go out of your way to give people advice, or offer to send them forms etc. that you have done. Its so obvious that you are an incredibly successfull business woman a groomer. Jealousy is definitely rearing its very ugly head.
                              don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.