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    Well I have been dreading this day all week-- Great Pyr day mhis card says one inch all over. I dont even know how I am going to get that poor girl on the table my back is killing me already but here goes wish me luck and god bless me lol

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    OMG...I don't think it can be done, unless maybe by some miracle this is a GP that is actually brushed out regularly. I will be thinking of you today. Be sure to let us know how it went.


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      Wishing you luck.

      I'm soooooo glad I don't do BIG dogs.

      Let us know how things went.
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        Soooo, how'd your #7 shavedown go?

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          Whew its over

          Well to all that replied to my post about the great pyr I had on Friday, its done and what a pain in the behind that was. She was a matted mess on her rear end and I ended up taking her down with a 5 The owner wanted it one inch well forget it that just was not happening it took me four hours to get through the hmmm lets see millions of layers of cotton. i told my boss not to book me any more of these for awhile my boss only charged 70 and we split 50-50 what a joke and boy did that frost my cupcake. Oh well live and learn


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            It's funny how I've read about so many new mobile groomers ending up with a pair of them to groom. Must be some new mobile initiation. Well, I got my call for the pair, bath and trim. I split them up and one's next Wed and the other is the following Monday. Supposedly, they're regularly brushed, but she did say they're blowing their coats. Uh oh. I've got dinner arrangements 3-4 hours after the one on Wed. so I'm hoping I didn't make a biiiig boo boo by taking that appt. We'll see.