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  • Bad dog Breeder Question

    Tonight a gal called to have a lil Long haired Chi groomed. She bought this dog for a couple hundred for her mom. Out in a mobile home buy Superstition mtns desert. Dog is 4yrs and last litter all died so she sold cuz dog can't produce anymore. Dogs were all in proof of shots. I will groom the dog cuz it is sweet and no sign of rabies. I told her to get on that woman for proof of shots and threaten to report her if no proof is shown. Technically, no groomer would groom without them. The spay clinic won't spay the dog due to age, blood tests etc so she will take her to her regular vet to be spayed and get shots there. How can she report this so-called breeder for no shot records and neglect.? The dog walks around with her tail between her legs. Follows the lady everywhere and is love-starved and sweet. If this breeder gives shots she needs to show would she do that? Suspicious. This is no AKC breeder just someone in it for the money. A small puppy mill w/ St. Poodles too, I think she said. Out in the desert who will know or check? This makes me angry. What can new owner do?

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    Have the Vet take a blood sample and have the Vaccine levels tested for
    their effective immunity(Titers)