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Is this Conceited OR WHAT?

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  • Is this Conceited OR WHAT?

    Someone a few week back posted a "post" to look at grooming businesses for sale through this "form". And we all mentioned how nice or not so nice some shops looked. This was GREAT for me because I am also selling my shop at home (therefor home & shop). So I went and put my pictures and an ad on. OK, I just LOVE the look. Am I just to conceited.
    I wish I were not getting old, I really love my shop, my clients and my home.
    But you tell me what you think!

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    It's the one in Arkansas

    The one with the blue walls and brick home. Thanks hairdeil for pointing that out!


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      No your not, I LOVE it. If I lived close I would buy it! Your shop is so nice, you have very good taste.


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        I was reading the info for the place above your pic and when I got to the amount (98,000)I was ready to buy. Thought property prices were very good in your neck of the woods, especially for that beautiful home and shop. Then I reread your post and realized I was reading the wrong one . Sorry can't buy it now. Your place is just beautiful, I'd hate to be leaving it. The price you are selling yours for is more along the lines I thought it would be.

        Not conceited at all, just very proud of what you have, and you should be.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          You should be proud, very beautiful!
          Where is the shop in the seperate garage building?


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            Garage is not shop

            if you look closely , you will see an awining on the side of the house, All It is inside the house , seperated by a landry room. All I have to do is wake up, put coffee and makeup on and open the doors.


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              There is nothing wrong with being PROUD and No, it is not conceited.

              Conceited would be if you said "My shop is so fabulous and better than everyone else's and you should consider yourself lucky to even look at it". lol


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                Well I think that's wonderful. I would love that!!
                I'd be there forever if I could LOL


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                  This is beautiful. Are the geese included?