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  • Boarding

    I REALLY Need to start boarding at the shop. I have 4 dogs staying with me at my home this week......on top of my 3, its just too much in my home! The time has come where I have had so many requests to do boarding and need to do something. I dont ever advertise it, just agree to babysit my fav clients. I cant even imagine how busy I would be if I advertised. Plus the other local groomers dont want to get into boarding and said if I do, they will refer their clients to me!

    For those of you who do boarding in the salon, how do you do it? I am SO paranoid something will happen to them at night when Im not there......
    What kennels. etc did you buy? What are your procedures? Any pics of your boarding rooms? Thanks!

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    You might want to check with your state's department of agriculture as boarding kennels are regulated by them. They would be the one's to tell you what is required by the state AND USDA/APHIS.

    We have a 40 run kennel and starting about the 1st of May, it is usually full about all the time (except for sometimes mid-week) until September.


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      I wish I could install kennels. Were moving the salon next year and depending on the new building, thats definitely something I would like to get into a bit more. I used to manage a kennel years ago and loved it.


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        I wish I could coz that would be more money! But my insurance says no kenneling over night.

        I had a client yesterday call and ask me to watch Prince Brownie and Nikki for the weekend. If I lived IN my house I would, but I live with my parents and 3 dogs and 1 cat is enought for them!!!

        I gave her numbers of some pet sitters that come to your house, and the boarding place my mom uses!


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          hey id treat it just like an inhome boarding situation. say you can only accept (2 or 3 boarding dogs) and say..okay i have a full house. sorry no more room. and keep a list of other people who do inhome boarding or boarding kennels or whatever that you can refer them to if you dont have the room. and CHARGE accordingly! say...30 or 40 a night so you make somemoney off of this for your inconvience.