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Did my first bouvier today!!!!

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  • Did my first bouvier today!!!!

    Wish I had a camera cause I wanted to see what everyone thought of the head. I didn't get to bring the dog out to see how the customer liked it, bummer.

    It was matted on the legs and chest so I did a #4 before the bath on the body and legs and the a 3 3/4 after the bath and scissored the legs.
    It usually got done with a 5 or 7 so I'm hoping the owner was pleased I tried to make it look a little fuller especially those skinny legs.

    I thought she looked pretty cool and what a sweet dog (except for trying the front nails).

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    Congrats! I did a bouv today too, but she was matted to the bones, I was lucky I got a 5 through her.
    No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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      Now that's a dog I haven't done in a long time, and when I did it was only one, thank goodness. They're a LOT of work!

      Tammy in Utah
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        I did 2 once, both in the same day. With 2 in clip on the back scissored legs basiclly wanted show cuts. WOW talk about work. I diden't do the best of grooms I'm sure(they never came back) On one hand I was very thankful as I would Never had been paid enough for the time it took. But on the other hand I wish I had been able to do them again and learn.
        I know the groom wasn't the best but I was very new 1-2 years expirence and that is just not a cut with that amount of hair to get perfect on your first try. A book will only get so far and then you just have to Practice.


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          She was a whole lot of dog. I didn't realize they were that tall. I wouldn't mind doing it again but even as a strip it was a lot of work but it would've been nice to try the real bouvier trim.