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  • Don't you hate it?

    When someone that has only groomed for afew months tells you how to groom?? I have been doing this work for 5 years now and it just frosts my cupcake when an inexpierienced not even a groomer (my boss) tells me how to groom a poodle. What should I do ? Tell her listen for over three years I worked with the most miserable woman who specializes in poodles. Every single day i did at least 5 sets of poodle feet, top knots, and faces. Do not tell me how to do a topknot. By the way her idea of a 'fro' thats what she calls it lol is to leave it flat to the head good grief. Or maybe I should just shut up and take it with a grain of salt

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    I agree

    I agree with you that it is hard to follow instructions from someone that doesn't have a clue. I once kept see badly groomed schnaures in my neighborhood and thought who is trying to groom those dogs. Well I got a job at a shop about a mile away from where I live and I found out who was grooming the dogs. Being that it was her shop and she set the style of the dogs to come out of the shop I had to groom her way. I did start setting the right pattern on new dogs and I don't think she even knew. Anyway my feeling is that even if you don't agree with the style the shop puts out, either go somewhere else or groom the way the boss says to. Oh, I didn't last long at that place. Good luck.


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      Get a book

      Get a book or a series of posters/pictures on Poodle Grooming and have it on display. Maybe the boss will see it. A fro? I think I would say, in a nice tone..."Do you mean the Top Knot?" What does she call the hair on a schnauzer's legs? Feathers?? LOL


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        I worked in a shop where the owner had a little training but she was smart enough to let the groomers groom the way they wanted to. She knew that most of the groomers knew more than she did, there were a few who had been taught while at her shop.

        I think you either need to bite your tongue and don't say anything, it is her shop or go and find another place to work.

        Another thought just came to me. Is she a person that you could talk to and explain your feelings. Explain how her ideas of grooming are not the ways you were taught, TK's are not called "Fro's" they shouldn't look the way she thinks they should. Would she be willing to let you do a poodle, or any breed the way you think it should be and have her look at it and see the differences.

        Good luck with what ever you decide.
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          Is it possible that she is just excited about something new she learned, or something she thought she learned? I know when I was really new everytime I learned something new I wanted people to know because I was excited about it. If I hadn't heard it from the groomers I worked with before, I thought that I might be sharing some good ideas I learned. Maybe a lot has to do with the presentation of those ideas.
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            That would drive me crazy. Like Sunny said, I would get a book (ie: Notes From the Grooming Table) and then show her how a topknot should look.

            Just make sure yours looks like the photo, LOL.

            Tammy in Utah
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              that so happened to me before! when I worked at a corp. I was talking to one of MY clients when they asked me when they should come back for nail clipping because the nails where really long and needed the quick to go back. The bather butted in and said come back in 4 weeks. I said, actually you can come back next week or two weeks and cut them down. the bather said, No yoits every four weeks 4 weeks. I was like, ooo you better shut your mouth, but didnt say nothing. She was correcting ME infront of a client!!!