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  • Our updated website!

    We finally got our photo gallery and links added to our website. I hope you enjoy!

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    very nice shop,if im ever in el cajon i will stop by and say hi,love the flower collars how did you make them????


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      love the shop! Where did you get the tubs (white ones) in the shop 2 photos? The ones side by side......those are the ones I want for the new salon. You guys look like a blast to work with also LOL I love the pics w/ everyone in the cages/dryer LOL too funny


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        Nice shop. Loved the pics of the grooming, especialy the "blue baby". Wow you sure have gotten some matted dogs in there. They look sooooo much happier after all that stuff is off of them.

        Love the flower collars. How did you make them?
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          hey just wanted to letcha know that the link to cesar millans site dosnt links ya to some pet supplies thing if ya click on it.
          but when i typed in the link it worked.
          nice pics too!


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            Thanks for the feedback. We love our salons and do have FUN! We got the tubs from a DIY that was going out of business. I think they are the Edemco's. I got one heck of a deal on them too!

            The collar flowers are easy and fun to make. I have had such an overwhelming response to them. I sell so many its hard to keep up. You can contact me if your interested. The looks will vary due to what flowers I can get.