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    So I have a black mini poo and I want to do something horribly outrageous to He is VERY good for scissoring and I was thinking about clipping flowers into his coat. Here is my question: he is black. I know you can dye lighter dogs, but how do they do a dark one? Also, what do you use? Can you use the halloween spray or is there something else? Any input would be appreciated. I think it would be hilarious and hey, I can always shave it off...haha.

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    Well, whatever you the pics so we can see.


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      You mean like this?

      This poodle belonged to a freind of mine and it was just a test. If you want to do this you have to bleach out the spot and then dye it. As long as you keep the bleach (and I'm talking the professional salon stuff, NOT CLOROX) away from the skin and any other area you wouldn't want to get it into, you will be fine. This was done with extreme caution. Thats why its not too close to the eyes. I put a plastic comb under the hair I bleached just to make sure I kept it far enough away from the skin. I haven't done it since just because it was just too much work.
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        Thanks for the idea. I'll buy some bleach and go to town! Sorry it took so long to reply to this. My computer's hard drive crashed and I had to replace it.


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          I have done it. I used Clairol BW 2000 powder bleach mixes with a 30 or 40 creme developer. I left the product on about 20 minutes being careful not to use it near the eyes and trying not to go skin deep with it. The first application will leave the hair a beautiful gold color that can be dyed over but to get a truer color you may want to bleach a second time this will bring the hair to a yellowish white therefore making it easier to color over. Be sure to condition the hair well. I hope this helps.