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  • Iv San Bernard products

    has anyone tried these? I have their catalog and its amazing!!! so high end and the equipment is to die for!!! I have the spa lavish line, but Im thinking of adding this too..anyone with feedback????

    Stephen: You can win some of their products in our current Treasure Hunt too.

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    Fat Chance Of Winning....

    Unless I get a computer geek to play for me, I haven't a chance in Groomer island of winning anything!


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      We used iv san bernard at a shop I used to work at. We had pretty amazing results with the products, overall. The thing that I didn't like were how time consuming the products were. Some of the dogs requred like 6 different cleansers, masks, all sorts of stuff that had to sit on for a long amount of time. A lot of customers didn't understand how long the process of using those products was, and got mad about the additional time their dog had to be in the shop.
      I think that in the right shop, the products could be amazing. It would have to be in a place where it is a spa like atmosphere, and people want to pamper their pets. For your general grooming shop though, the products just take too much time.


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        i have some. i only use it for my show poodle because...well, it is expensive and very nice and I don't have the type of clients who would pay extra for it.

        It smells fantastic! I currently have the clarifying shampoo (which does not smell at all really, but suds very well and cleans very well...good for purifying the coat and getting rid of residue or build up). The shampoo and conditioner I have is the mella verde which smells great and works nicely. I have even dabbled with their "color enhancers" which I don't recommend for salon use. I don't really recommend it for anyone actually, but it was interesting. I had a bottle of the conditioner explode in the shipping box sometime en route to me (what a mess). They promptly sent me a new one with no discussion at all. Very nice company. You can get overwhelmed by the literature that they send you however.

        If you haven't tried it, I can also recommend you try the Crowne Royale products. They smell heavenly and work divinely. I truly love the spray on coat conditioner. It is now my preferred detangler/conditioner thing. But again, I only use this on my dog as it too is pricey and for clients...well, I just stick with The Stuff or Coat Handler.


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          How much is a gallon of some of their shampoos? I mean you have Le Pooch, Chris Christensen and even some of the Espree new shampoos are $59 or so a gallon aren't they?

          There was a groomer a few weeks back that posted about dilution rates. When you come right down to it, a few dimes more per dog for a superior product isn't going to hurt us in the long run. I never say "my customers will not take kindly to an increase in price' , I say "my customers are worth it"!!!- and so is my reputation for a clean dog that is conditioned properly. What makes a salon a "SPA"? Will someone tell me that definition. A good shampoo doesn't automatically make your salon a spa if the general atmosphere is circa l930!

          I have never used IV San Bernard, but I intend to try it. I have no reservations of paying $100 per gallon if gives me superior results and the dilution is 16/1. Not saying the cheaper shampoos are not as effective, just saying I will pay and serve my family filet mignong rather than struggle all day with a chuck steak. Because they are worth it!


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            didn't they have a vacuum/dryer on thier site, can't seem to find it or how much it costs.


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              I love it...but

              I am mobile and a high end shop in my vet's office started using these products. So when customers started mentioning Iv Saint Benard I thought I'd buy some. I bought the shampoo and conditioner line for short through long hair and I do like the way the dogs feel and smell afterward, also my hands don't dry out near as bad as they usually do. That being said, I don't believe for a minute that these will do more for a dogs skin than the medicated shampoos and conditioners you can buy from a vet (which are also expensive) they just smell a bunch better!
              Good luck!


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                the thing is...I could be wrong...but I don't think this product has been developed for the heavy duty grooming have dilution rates, nor for gallon sizes for that matter. I ordered some products from them, and the largest bottle they had was like a pint size. They are a foreign company with a distributor here in the US.


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                  Originally posted by baddog View Post
                  didn't they have a vacuum/dryer on thier site, can't seem to find it or how much it costs.
                  yes they do , I believe its called "The Hurricane", and I think its 499.00 looks really nice too...wonder if a wet/vac would do the samething? suck out all the water, then go back with an HV dryer?