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  • Creative stying question

    When you color a dog, isn't there a problem of the color coming off. I would think that if the pet goes out in the rain then the color would run. Also what about it coming off on the customer's furniture? Also how long does the color last and how do you get it out of the coat? I know that's alot of questions but I would like to try coloring some dogs and really need to know what I'd be getting into. Any info would be helpful.

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    Depends on what you use

    And how you apply it. Anything you add on after the coat is washed and dried will usually run if it gets wet in the rain and/or rub off. examples of those would be blow pens, chalks and sprays. These things will generally fade out faster. These should come right out or take a shampoo or 2. But if you use your manic panic or Jazzing type products, those that you apply and rinse well, you should have no transfer. The problem with those is that sometimes you need to apply them several times to acheive the color you desire. These are harder to get out and may just eventually have to grow out. I did a Bichon Poo's ears with Special effects for Christmas and just cut the last of it out in the beginning of may. Dawn Omboy has an instructional CD about creative grooming. Just google "Klippers" and you will find her site if you want to order it. Did that help at all?


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      I can't speak for using coloring like food color or kool aid, but Manic Panic is a veggie based human hair dye, and that is what a lot of the Pros use, and since it's made for human hair, NO it doesn't rub off on your furniture. It sure dogs a nice dye job though, wow!

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        Now i have a better idea of what to use. I think I'll try and order that CD.