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  • Ughhhhh

    My building (small older 4 unit building) sits on a main road here in a rural town that is steadily growing. Well - the state has decided to widen our main road to a 4 lane hwy. I was excited at 1st about all the potential growth for my shop. Its only been open 3 1/2 mos but I have been in the lease for 5 mos. Last night I had my hair done by my landlady who owns the beauty salon in my same building......she mentioned that she hopes they wont take down the building to widen the roads. I don't know what I would do if they do that! There arent many places to rent around here, all are already taken. I have a friend who owns a small sign company who has been looking for a building for awhile now to rent. I guess I could move it to my home (which is 5 min. from the shop) temporarily but I would hate that.... Maybe I am just freaking out too early LOL. I would just hate to move it! I have a wonderful landlady, cheap rent, on a nice sized unit on the main road! I just had to vent.......maybe I am worrying about nothing?

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    Don't worry about it until it happens. Worrying won't change anything, it'll just give you nightmares. Take a good look at the property. Is there enough room for them to add a lane or two without getting too close to the building? It might eat up your parking area, but not require taking down the building.

    But! that doesn't mean you can't make a contingency plan. Knowing you have Plan B to fall back on will aleviate some of your worrying.


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      Hope you get to stay!

      Wow, I hope that you get to stay in your shop. I know from experience how hard it is to find the perfect location for a business. Hope that this works out in your favor.


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        I would not worry until it happens. did you sign a lease?
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          Would it be that bad to just move the business to your home and work out of there? No rent to pay.
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            The first shop that I worked for had the same thing happen. They didn't have to take down the building, but the loss of the buffer zone that was the parking lot was quite nerve wrackin. My boss used this as an incentive to buy her own place. That was 20 yrs ago and she is still in the same place and going strong!!! So even if it does effect you maybe you could use it as a "push" towards bigger and better things!
            SheilaB from SC