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Strange day (long)

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  • Strange day (long)

    I woke up this morning with no dogs scheduled. I figured I'd just bath three of my own, Maggy, the St. Poo, Panda, the pom, and Toby the Shih. Haven't been done for at least a month and today was a good day to do it.
    I started with Maggy and was just about done drying her and the phone rings. I answer and a new client is asking if I could groom his Springer, hopefully today. I was in a pretty good mood and said sure bring him over around 11:30. Finished up Maggy and the phone rings again, this time it is the guys mother (reg client of mine) said the son had to take the baby to doctor and wouldn't be back until 12:30, ok that would be fine. Now it is 11:00 and all my dogs are done and my 11:00 appt. for tomorrow shows up. Got her days mixed up, still in a good mood so I have her leave them. I call the mother of the guy and have her give him a new appt time 1:30, explained to her why, said it would be fine. Well I'm working on the last dog and it is 12:45 when the guy shows up. Oh well no big deal I bring in his dog, which was a mess (had been playing in a pond). I finsih up my other dog and then get to work on the Springer (it is now 1:15). He is done by 3:00, looked really nice as far as I was concerned. The owner comes and picks him up and said he was done just the way he wanted him. I have a new client now.
    For a day that I wasn't making any money turned out pretty good.
    Now tomorrow I am short 2 dogs, guess it will be a short day.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

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    hey well how about that! knocked off a groom for tomorrow AND gained a new client AND got your dogs done all in the same day!
    good for you!


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      Sometimes I feel the same way, Diane! "I'm in a good mood, I'll take it." Hmmm

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate