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Goodbye Dr. Jones and Thank you!

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  • Goodbye Dr. Jones and Thank you!

    I am sure Dr. Jones does not read this board, but I would like to give him a big Happy Retirement send off anyway!!

    When I first opened my business I moved into a house next door to a vets office. I don't think he was to thrilled at first by my encrochment until he got to know me. He is an awesome vet and I was so sad (for me) to find out that he sold his business and retired on Monday. He was a big part of why my business built up so quickly as he sent TONS of referrals. You will be missed Dr. Jones, but I hope you have a great time in retirement!!!

    sheila in SC
    SheilaB from SC

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    That is such a great example of good networking. I've been surprised before as well by people that I thought didn't really like me at first and then they ended up being my best referrers. You must have really won him over once he got to know you and how professional you are. Giving referrals to use someones services can really backfire if the person that you referred isn't awsome. He must have had a lot of confidence in your skill. Hope the new vet is as nice as he was!


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      It's great that he changed his mind. I have the same relationship with one of the vets by me.
      "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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        Dr. Jones was very well liked by his clients both two and four legged and will be missed by them I'm sure! A lot of the vets in our area are older and they are retiring. This area used to be pretty rural and heavily into farming and the older vets had quite a loyal following.


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          Sheila- Will another vet be moving in that building?