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OMG! I dont believe this is happening...(long)

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  • OMG! I dont believe this is happening...(long)

    Ok, so my sister agreed to watch a lady's dog for her over the weekend, (both my sister and I know this lady, she is a very nice person, a business owner ect) there was a misunderstanding about the date between my sister and this lady so my sister asks me (she also ok'ed it with the owner)if I would be willing to go by her house sat.,sunday and monday morning and make sure both her outside dogs have food and water and she has a semi feral cat and her litter of kittens that she is socializing in her house, so please play with them and feed, water and clean their litter box. I go over with my sister friday night to meet the dogs on their territory and see which room the cats are in, and the first thing I say to my sister is "There is no fence!! Do these dogs just roam???" My sister says "yes they are both older, the lab wont go anywhere, but white dog will run off if there is a thunderstorm, you cant lock her up if there is she will destroy anything around her she gets so scared. She is normally brought up to the vet clinic by who ever finds her and we just call the dogs owner to come pick her up , but dont worry its not suppost to rain this weekend!"
    Saturday is rains, just a little no thunder,white dog (thats her name btw) is there when I stop by sat. morning but not there sat. night, Im not to worried as its still raining and the lad was sleeping in his dog house so I thought maybe white dog was just curled up somewhere out of the rain. Sunday morning, still no white dog, I spend about 3 hours, knocking on her nieghbors doors, I called the vet clinic and didnt hear back from them, tried reaching the owner but couldnt get her on her cell phone, so that afternoon Im still looking for her when the guy that rents a house from her comes home from his dirtbike race and he says" oh dont worry Im sure she is at the vet clinic, they will call tomorrow and you can get her then" Well Im up bright and early this morning and as soon as the vet clinic opens I call them and ask "is white dog there?" "Nope,She's been picked up by animal control, They called to let us know, because she has our rabies tag on" I was overjoyed that she was ok so I speed over to animal control, and had to wait till 10 am when they opened. I was the first one in the door, they said "we have a dog fitting that discription, please go back into the kennel and i.d. her" So I do and it is her *JOY!* and I bail her out ($35 dollars cash only please) and as Im handing the money over and signing the reclaim statement, the animal control officer hands me a ticket!!!!! I was floored, I asked what for? and stated its not even my dog, shouldnt this be in the owners name?? Nope You were responsable for the dog over the weekend, so you get charged, with failure to properly contain and control a animal. My jaw just dropped, I have only ever had 1 speeding ticket in my whole life!!! and now i have to go to court, and pay a fine (up to $1000, but because Im a first time offender the officer said it most likely wont be more than $100) and I dont even know what to do!!!! I have been almost in tears all day, Im so worried that this is going to be on my record (I still have that permanent record fear, they taught us in high school!)
    I just dont know what to do!!!

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    Never heard of that one. I first thought how terrible to have loose dogs, but I know that there are areas in the states that most people just do that. And sometimes they are found by the side of the highway or killed for other's chickens chased etc. It seems though in the area you were in, it is not okay via the shelter/police. But it seems awfully unfair for you to pay that. Seems the owner ought to at least cover that and learn from it. I agree too that first offender will make it second offender if anything like that happens later on. What a rotten deal, but yes, glad the poor dog was okay.
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      UGH. You hand that ticket over to the owner and tell them to cough up the money. I would also tell them to pay the $35 plus your gas and time.
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        I forgot to tell you that I would have left the dog there and told the owners to go get it.
        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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          I'm sorry that this is happening, this would upset me too.

          I could be wrong, but I am not sure that this is something that you need to worry about being on your permanent record.

          As for paying the fine, that is something that you need to talk to the owners about. It really isn't your responsibility to pay that fine. You did what you were told to do, and apparently the dogs roam all the time. Shame on them for leaving you in a situation like that when they know the dog runs away. Those people really need to invest in a fence!
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            You can only do what the owner leaves you with.
            If its an outside dog, thats what it is.

            Sorry about the ticket. Don't know what you can do about that.

            As far as the record thing goes. I don't think its a thing to worry about.
            I sure wouldn't loose any sleep over it, and I worry about everything.
            The hundred bucks would bug me a lot though. Hope your judge is
            lenient. The owner should be made to fence his yard or something.


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              Actually I believe he's correct in most states anyway. That's one reason boarding kennels have to have the liability insurance they have, and usually take special care to not have any escapees...(it does happen, but )and like he said it's a first time, and probably will be a light fine if any at all. Just be honest , and tell the judge you didn't know.

              It makes it really hard on groomers or just friends that do take a pet sitting job for the weekend. Pet sitters usually are bonded and have insurance for just this reason, too.

              I hope everything works out for the positive.


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                I feel for you. That would really make me mad. But I don't know what else you can do except go to court and maybe take the owners with you too. They need to put up a fence!!!!!! That's just crazy not having one and letting their dogs just roam. They need to be ticketed, not you.
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                  geez it never fails when you're tryn to do a good deed!! If it were me, I would have the owner go with you, if she won't, I would certainly ask her to pay the fine, if she refused, take her to small claims court and they will make her pay you for it. She is the owner and she is the one responsible for this dog, no matter who is babysitting!!!! make that perfectly clear when you go to court. sounds ridiculous to me, but the law is a strange device. it can be very twisted. be sure that your sister goes with you regardless. You need for the court to understand you two were merely babysitting and following the owners orders not to confine the dog. cut and dry. dont worry, all is workout just fine. I don't believe you will have to pay a fine either. just tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!! so help you God! lol


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                    The best part is the dog is fine.

                    Pay what you have to & chalk it up to a lesson learned.

                    I had a dog get away from me once. As I'm running after it, I yell up to a couple of guys standing at a nearby business to catch the dog. they look at me like I'm nuts, but one of them does. "Thank You Lord Jesus!!"

                    After I closed I went by the place & gave the guy $20. And thanked him profusely!!!

                    I know yours is more than $20 but it could have been much worse!!

                    As far as your permanent record- if it does stick, I'd just tell whoever I was doing a good deed & sometimes stuff happens.



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                      Because this is a legal issue, you should consult an attorney. An initial consultation is usually free, or there could be a small fee. But it's worth it to get expert advice.

                      I do agree that the owner of the dog should pay the fines.


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                        This is crazy! I agree that the dog was in your custody so you should get the ticket, but you can bet your bippee I wouldn't pay for it. Owner would, and if they didn't, sister would, plus the $35 to bail dog. That's crazy. Do they pay the fine every time their dog gets picked up? How hard is it to put a chain on a dog to at least keep it in the yard, if you're not civilized enough to crate it, or put it in your basement? Can't do much damage down there except file your nails down real fast.

                        I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I think I would've told sister that no way would I watch them if they weren't contained. Just cause I'd be so freaked out that one would die on my watch, hit by car or whatever. I still can't believe these people...and that neighbors, vets, and everyone else seems to think it's a totally normal behavior. We have a neighbor who has a JRT that they let roam. He is constantly chasing our cats. I've been trying to catch him and hold him for a couple hours so they get a little nervous. We live one street away from a very busy street, and I'm just waiting to see him lying by the side of the road. Numerous people have told them this too. Drives me crazy.
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                          The owner of the dog should pay the fines.

                          I also think if it were me, I'd have been VERY uncomfortable with the idea of watching 2 dogs that are not fenced in. That owner is irresponsible.

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                            I would have the owner pay the fine. I do like the idea Di had about letting the owner pick up the dog. Let this be a lesson to all of us to agree to watch dogs without proper control if something happens. NO FENCE uugh.
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                              I can't believe you would be responsible!

                              First, I would insist the owner take fullresponsibility. If not, go to court. Not having proof in writing could be a problem. If I were to ever petsit again, I would get protection from a written contract. Also, as Helly said, call a lawyer!I feel for you, I would be beside myself.