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Something under the skin? (Long)

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  • Something under the skin? (Long)

    I had a large lab mix on Saturday. He had gotten surgery a couple of weeks early and I was taking him down with a #10(wahl competition series?). Keep in mind that hes a very large dog and there was a lot of surface area. I was going down his left thigh, and notice a ... gash. Its the size of my pinky nail, and it looks so deep.It wasnt pouring blood, but there was blood. I call my salon manager, because I freak out. She takes him to the vet. The vet confirms that its too fresh and it had to have been done during the groom. I dont know what I did. I didnt feel anything catch. I was going slow, because his undercoat was packed and I wanted to have a smooth finish.( Because of the surgery, the owner didnt want him bathed.)
    I was worried that there might be a problem with my blade, even though my blade is less than a month old. The salon manager has to finish the groom and she tells me that she is having to go extra slow because her blade keeps getting caught. She says that there is something in the dogs skin in some areas that keeps getting caught.
    Its hard to explain, but I was shaving down a husky once, and it felt like there was something under the dogs skin that kept catching on my blade. I assume thats what happened here. Is that even possible? What is this that im feeling? And does anyone know what im talking about?

    [The end of the story involving the lab is that the vet glued it. We called the owner to let them know. Talked to his wife. She said it was fine. When the man came in she had not told him. He was furious. He yelled at the salon manager and at the vet. He demanded that the salon manager fire me. He said he could tell from the beginning that I was incompetent and that he felt like I didnt want to work there.I was obviously not professional enough to do his dog. I wasnt even the one who talked to him, I was the one that took his dog to the kennel. Since I wasnt there, this was all told to me yesterday]

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    Geez, sorry that happened to you! Some dogs do have little lumps, bumps, skin tags, or even rashes that can catch on your blade. I don't know exactly what happened in this case, but trust me when I say that every long-term groomer here has accidentally cut a dog and has no idea how it happened. Try not to take it too hard, and just be more vigilant about feeling the dog over before you begin your clipper work. I usually wash my dogs first, which gives me the chance to run my fingers all over them. If you do this job for enough years, accidents not only can happen, they WILL happen. Just do your best to keep them down to a very bare minimum. :-)


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      I hate to say it, but when it feels like there's something in the dog's skin that's causing the blade to catch, it's the dog's skin catching in the blade. Most of the time, if you back the blade up you can avoid cutting the skin, but if you push onward, the skin could be cut.

      And the man who picked the dog up? He should be neutered ASAP, before he has a chance to reproduce...if it's not too late.


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        I agree with Helly -- whole heartedly!!!


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          I have a seven blade that I've noticed is very sharp and will catch skin if I'm not careful. If this is the case with your blade, be very careful about going back over the area that caught. You could rip the dog wide open!
          Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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            I dont know if I was taught this way, or if I have just picked it up somewhere, but when im taking a dog down like that, I pull the skin. So that I can get a smoother finish and such...
            With the husky that I mentioned earlier, doing that didnt make the catching stop. Everytime I felt it, I would just back up my blade. The dog still came out looking nice, but it took forever to do. Is this typical for double coated breeds or is it just me? Could it be my blade or the way I hold it?


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              AHH, so glad I own the business. I would have told that person off. I have been know to make a grown man cry lol
              If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                If the dog wasn't matted to the skin, then I think you were pulling on your clipper too hard, going too fast, maybe. It's hard to imagine that happening with a #10, but who's to say? The guy sounds like a bonehead, by the way.

                The problem in my opinion is that the dog wasn't bathed and HV dried, so you had to realllly dig under that coat.

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