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Anyone got any feet advice??

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  • Anyone got any feet advice??

    My problem is this mainly it is Shih-Tzus and cockers. Everything about the cut looks great except the feet, they always end up looking choppy and splayed. I know and think they look like ****. I was taught (and I am not saying it was the right way) to bring your clippers all the way down to the toes when clipping then take your shears and round them off pull up any hair between the toesand scissor that also. Maybe I should be lighter with the scissoring?? i dont know but I hate the way the feet look all the time almost to the point where I will try to push the feet part off on someone else ha-ha. i did try my own way and only brought the clippers to the hock and scissored the rest very lightly but tight and neat is that the right way?? Someone advise me pleeeeease.

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    What you are describing is emphasising the toes.
    This is what I would do on a Golden. Not a Cocker.
    Usually I do not run the clippers down the foot anyhow.
    I know some do though.

    On a cocker I would either round the foot, and tighten
    by using my thinners on the top, or just bevel the sides if the leg and
    coat are full.

    Do you have Notes from the grooming table, or The thery of five books?
    If not, you need to get those.


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      Sounds like you are doing fine with theory, maybe try a set of blenders to make the foot softer looking and erase the sharp edges from the shears? I have as many blenders and thinners as I do straight blade or curved shears, use them all the time. I even have a pair of 10 inch blenders! WOW those are different! great for legs or big dogs that need just a tweak.

      I do a lot of top thinning with by 26 tooth blenders (yeah, the ones from Oster that died on me for the first few time...turns out I was using too much pressure, and once replaced with the swivel model, they are super for top thinning)

      Having a good blender and thinner is also a key part of your equipment IMO.
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        Your mistake on these breeds is back-brushing the hair in between the toes and scissoring the hair out from between the toes. I know you're doing this while holding the foot up, right? The toes are together, it looks nice, then you set the foot down; dog puts weight on the foot, toes spread back out, and now you've got a choppy mess. :-(

        Try this- you can 'fluff-up' the hair on top of the foot, but LEAVE the foot on the table when you scissor it. This can be a little awkward if you aren't used to it, but it will work for you.
        You'll see exactly what your final look will be, and all the tootsies on your dogs will look nice. :-)


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          I usually scissor the under side of the foot after shaving out the pads , then I let the dog rest the foot on the table and round out the top of the foot and sides.....if it's thinner hair like with shihs I use a thinning shear instead of a straight or rounded shear. I'm goofy , I don't like when nails show so I try not to brush the hair up between the toes


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            One trick that I learned somewhere along the line when I was first grooming was making a square of the foot and then clipping off the corners to make a nice round foot withouta point. Take your shears and cut a straight line across the front in front of the nails, then a straight line on each side of the foot and finally a straight line across the back. I then take my curved shears and round off the corners.
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              I don't scissor up the toes either! thats why you are getn that "toed" look. leave the hair full, just scissor the foot round...the only one I brush up the hair one between the toes are goldens or complete strips that have mats between the toes. You get that icky look on a shih-tzu.


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                Thanks a bunch!!

                Thanks for the help, I will try it all because all the info sounds more like the right way to do it. Did ya ever know what you should be doing but out of habit do it the wrong way just because?? Sometimes I am such a Ditz but thanks alot for the info