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  • The party's over.....

    It's time to call it a day. There were 9 most of the time with some coming and going. Ten with me actually. Nice group. The next thheme will be BOOT SCOOTIN" a ho Down coygirl, hayride BBQ.Line Dancing .Saddle up yer horse and details later. I gotta have a few weekends off. And July is: "FIRE IN THE SKY" picnic, and evening fireworks but not actually the 4th. I will be at a real Fire In The sky that day/evening. So, I'm throwing F.I.T.S in July.Get It? We need an American Flag icon, sorry other countries. For the 4th of July.

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    You Really are enjoying this

    Jane, everybody keeps saying i missed my calling and should do comedy writing(with my songs)......well, sounds to me like you should be a party planner/caterer. On the side at least.....Hey i know, we can start our own business. You can plan the party and cook the food, and i'll be the entertainment with my little karaoke box. I'll write silly tunes to go with the theme of the party and sing them too!!! might be hard with you in Arizona and me in Florida though......oh, i just thought of something can also do the dishes! lol jk Laura


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      Planning a virtual party is a lot easier than a real one.

      Catering is cooking and I don't have the skills to cook or plan real parties w/real food. As for doing dishes, I would need two electric dishwashers. I would buy a book of your silly songs however. BTW, I don't drink, never did drink, smoke or take drugs....and the queeen? She was ignored so she left in a humph! Not good public relations on that one. I left at 3:30 so I don't know what happened after that. Start thinkin about cowgirl songs. Come a tie,yi, yippe ,yippe eh, yippe eh, come a tie yi, yippe yippe eh..........