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    I don't mean to be repetetive, but someone who has been to this grooming show, please tell me more.
    I have no interest in competing, but would love to see it. Are the lectures good? HOw much does it cost? I have been to Groom Classic in Kansas City several times, how does this one compare??
    Excuse my typing, I cut off the tip of my left index finger this weekend with an electric hedge trimmer. I have stiches, but am right handed, wish me luck at work tomorrow!!


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    Eeeeew... the finger situation doesn't sound good. Good luck with that'n.

    Can't answer any of your questions - but I'm interested in hearing (reading) the answers too. No interest in competing here either, but I plan on attending (if you're talking about the one in Rosemont, IL) and have absolutely NO idea what to expect. I'm going on Friday for the tradeshow. I believe it's $10 admission for a day, $25 for the entire weekend.... but that's all I know.


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      I think it is a great show. Look it upon their website for pricing. Good lectures and competition, even if just watching. Good location.
      What does a dog do on it's day off?


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        I believe that it is ran by a different group than the ones that do Kansas. I have been to the one in Dallas (which I believe they are the same ones who put on the one in Chicago). As far as the seminar in Dallas I thought that the breed specific lectures were for beginers,and they did most of the cuts to a show standard, and most of my clients are not done to any standard but what the owner asks for. The Bather/ brusher, skin care/coat maintance, and equipment maintance letures were very informative. I loved the Creative Grooming class was a blast I believe it was taught by Kelly Black.