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    Hi, fairly recently there was a post about someone who had a dog that was food aggressive and was wondering what to do. I apologize for not remembering who it was. anyway, I have started reading Cesar Millans book, and wow! I must say that he makes so much sense. I no longer believe that dogs like that should just be put down. They deserve a chance too! Anyone who has not yet gotten this book should. It's wonderful! One of my customers actually got me a signed copy! I hope all is well and good luck!

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    i agree, im reading that book also. its part of my homework for grooming school.


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      I wouldn't put down a dog for food aggression alone. But people aggression? That is different.

      Tammy in Utah
      PS: I have the book too, I think he makes some very good points!
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        the poster was diamaneo (sp?) and she rehomed the dog to a home without smaller children where the person is older and can establish dominence.


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          The only agression that he had was food. not toys or anything else. But I have a 4 yr old. I would never keep a dog that had ANY type of agression in a home where there are children under the age of 12. Way to dangerous. Cesar is awesome. I agree with most all of his techniques.
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