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Natural(ish) pet cologne/perfume

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  • Natural(ish) pet cologne/perfume

    Does anybody know of a cologne pet spray that uses natural ingredients and still smells really good? I am always sketched out that one of my clients' dogs will have some kind of reaction to cologne/perfume I spray on them. Is there anyone that knows what I might be talking about? thanks!

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    Eqyss makes a leave-in conditioning spray that I've gotten into the habit of misting on the dogs when I am done with them. It smells great, very light scent, and I've had clients say, "Oh, you smell so good" when picking up the dogs. Not to me, to the dogs.LOL I do ALOT of allergy dogs, and a light spritz with this hasn't seemed to bother any of them. :-)


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      Natural does not mean hypoallergenic. There are many things in nature that cause allergic responses. So going with a "natural" cologne isn't going to be any safer than using a regular cologne.

      Having a bit of fragrance allergy myself, I can assure you I get the same response from sniffing a rose that I get from sniffing cologne. Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, itchy eyes, itchy eyes, sneeze.


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        Show Season has a naturals line and I have never had a dog have any reaction to any of their colognes. Have seen itchiness with others.


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          I use SPA lavish Rejuvenate cologne, or nothing at all. They smell great without any cologne, but some clients just like cologne. If you use great products, you won't need anything!


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            I like---

            I like the Ikaria line of pet mists, it is a very lite smell but smells really good and they are supposed to be natural-ish and theraputic. My favs are the pear and cassis and hmm I the one that starts with the word fresh its light blue