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  • What does it pay?

    Is it improper to ask a prospective employer for a pay range before applying for a job?

    It seems to me that it would save both parties a lot of wasted time if this information could be shared before the application/interview process. I recently suggested to someone that they just ask.....I would. But now I'm wondering if I'm just a little bold, lol!

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    I don't think so, actually I would think that it is normally at least brought up by the potential employer. I think that there is a tactful way to ask without making you sound like you are merely looking for a high pay, you know? Besides, who would want to take a job that they didn't know what the pay was?
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      Of coarse is not inappropriate you are applying for a job not to be a volunteer so you need to make sure the pay is right for you before you waste your or their time. I just say" May I ask what the rate of pay is?"


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        Well, with the "froo froo" jobs, like my husband's, meaning the white collar jobs, they interview you once or twice and THEN you talk money. Then they say they'll call you, then they make you an offer and you either accept it or you don't.

        With our jobs it's not quite so formal for the most part, but I do think that telling people ASAP, though it seems seems logical, might be considered jumping the gun a little.

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          I agree that it would not be out of line to ask. They'd tell you during the interview anyway so I don't see why they'd have a problem telling you.


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            I have never applied for work not knowing at least what the 'range' was.

            After all, if the minimum a job paid was X amount of $$ and knew there is no way I could work for that amount, I wouldn't waste time knowing I would just refuse the job at the interview.

            I would definitely ask if I was you.