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Bath dog Day!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!

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  • Bath dog Day!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!

    It always feel like a Holiday when a bath dog day arises. LOL Tomorrow, out of the 8 dogs I Have on my schedule ONE is a full haircut, and its a Schnauzer that comes monthly and is a doll to do. I have basset hounds, short haired doxies.......a pit bull......its just a day of relaxin LOL I love days like these! Perfect way to finish out the week

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    Oh me too!! I had that last Saturday and LOVED it....went smoothly and still had a great day $$ wise.


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      Oh yes !!
      Bath dog day ... actually, weekend.. for me as we speak !!
      Gotta love that.
      Easier on you when you work alone.
      Hey, if I only have six dogs booked, that's all i'm doing and
      then i'm going home !!
      Wish I had more though... but like I said... it's just me and i'm about
      burnt out ( if you've read my other posts, you'd understand )

      Oh happy day ( errr... I hope, I think )

      Michelle in NJ