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REDNECKS...all of ya Rednecks.....

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  • REDNECKS...all of ya Rednecks.....

    So Goldiflox says too hi flootin for responses or commitments. hairdevil wants to know when dinner will be served.& Maybe I should get into catering. Hey, I can look in a cook book and get menus and spell big fancy foods right, don't ask me to cook em. I have however made cornish game hens w/orange-wine stuffing etc. I like to cook. The masquerade part would be FUN IMO. Not much time to set time and date if you really want to meet again. I will go to service sat nite to be available for early Sunday for party to accomodate time zones ,Wales etc. RSVP guys. For goodness is all FREE. Makebelieve is Always free. You just pay with your imagination and insanity.( Does it surprise you I had imaginary play mates when I was 4 years old?) Yep, Kippin & Kopen, lil girls w/ blonde hair and braids.Pronounced like Copen blue, co-pin.Yes, the had a dog too.

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    I've known all along that you're NUTZ! rofl ya know Im kidn!!! gosh, that menu made me wish for a wonderful meal like that...shoot, these guys round here wouldn't even know how to pronounce it! rofl get to work Jane! you have much to do!!!


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      well, i'd rsvp but i need to know if there will be any strippers! i mean sure, the food sounds great, but Pee Wee Herman, come on now. maybe i could convince Cliff Williams from AC/DC to show up. now that would rock the pants off the queen. His dog Buffy is due for a groom. Hey Cliff, a free groom for Buffy for an appearance by AC/DC at our big chat room party!Hey Watt-a-Dog are u a rocker? Laura


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        HI. I saw your posts about the party Sunday. I'll try to make it. I'll bring a few cases of expensive And as far as rednecks go...I've become more of a redneck in the last few years after I moved to this rinky dink redneck town in NJ. And AC/DC is more than welcome to come. They are my all time favorite band in the universe. Cliff is a cutie, but I always loved Angus!!!


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          Jeez, I keep missing these chat parties! I gotta get 100% mobile and out of the shop so I have time to be around for them!