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Considering a self-serve doggy wash

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  • Considering a self-serve doggy wash

    Anyone out there have a combination grooming shop/u-bath doggy wash? Just interested in some feedback and opinions. Thanks!

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    I am one of those. There are a few others here as well. We started our 2nd salon a year ago and about 5 months into it we started offering our tubs (we had 2 then) to DIY's. At the 11 month mark it was time for more tubs so we remodeled and added 2 more. We charge a flat rate which includes shampoo, towels and use of HV dryer. Its picking up nicely and is a nice addition to the full service we already offer. We are the only DIY in our part of the county and it really has drawn interest. We get at least 2-3 drop ins and phone calls daily asking about it. This summer is going to be BIG.


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      I've been doing research as well. I hope to have my act (and the funds) together to expand and start a doggie wash by next spring. some of the web sites I've seen are fantastic! Our industry has really come a long way!


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        self serve groomer

        I worked in a self serve dog wash with grooming for two years. you have to own it and be the groomer to make a go of it. i know an established one for sale


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          I have many self serve owner clients and have written so many plans for them. That's why we put a sample plan for one (an elaborate one) in Grooming Business in a Box, and with that product you could work out the numbers and prove the financial performance of your idea based on your prices, rent etc, no guessing.

          I can say that all of them have alternate sources of revenue besides income from self serve. Retail products are popular, and all of them have faced adding at least a part time full service groomer, and if they wanted to find enough additional demand to keep a full time full serve groomer as well as the self serve dept.

          By the way if you haven't seen the one for sale in Louisville at in Business For Sale section with photos, isn't that nice! We've seen a lot of very beautiful places going up for sale this year, nice to see the designs, there are more right now too.

          Also, click Surveys in the left column here, and see the first national survey of self serve owners, some good info there and yes, as some have said here, own it, and if you do some full serve yourself, that's a lot more in your pocket.

          The Mocha Java self serve in the Box is a major self serve, pet bakery, coffee bar for humans, and the owners even own the laundromat for humans next door, it's a MAJOR hangout for pet owners, great idea, and in the right young professionals neighborhoods do slamming good business.
          Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of


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            I have a salon with DIY. My DIY pays my rent each month. My groomers then can talk with the clients and convert them to grooming clients. We have 2 dog parks very close to us and our Saturdays are out the door with clients.


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              Want to say "Thanks!"

              To all have replied to my thread, thank you. This is my first ever forum so I'm not sure how to work it. Bare with me. I've been a groomer for over 20 yrs. I sold my shop in 2000 and my life has been boring ever since. I've worked for other grooming shops since then but it's just not the same. I MISS IT! So I'm going to take the plunge and start a self-serve/full serve grooming shop. I appreciate all of you and thanks for allowing me to pick your brains!!!