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Yikes Everyone Wants A Party!

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  • Yikes Everyone Wants A Party!

    We may need a separate heading titled Chatroom Info Parties. Seems a lot of people are wanting a party asap for their birthday. How much does this job pay anyway? Sunday, hopefully early afternoon we will have a group June month party. for all June birthdays and Animal Oasis is today. I can't do this every nite but we can have groupbirthday month parties. Remember my file folder is only so long to receive messages. The green folder line.

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    well Miss Event Planner! you will just have to take your messages, write them down, delete your folder contents and start over. This is wonderful that everyone is wanting to have a chat party!!! you can do it! I have faith in you!!! CONGRATULATIONS JANE! YOU'VE FOUND YOU NICHE!!!!