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  • Time zone correction .....

    From Arizona central time to Wales is 8hrs later. If we do get this show on the road Sunday, it will have to begin at 10-11am Pacific time. I am waiting for response. This is Thurs nite and there is little time to get it all arranged for this Sunday.
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    its 8 hours from the west coast (Oregon etc) to the UK.. Arizona would be less.. (7 hours I think?)
    East coast to UK is 5 Hours


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      I will have to ask Angie.....

      I met a lady at Walgreens who said it was 8 hrs dif and her kids are in London. I checked on google but I could not get Wales to come up or figure Cal-Wales. So far, no word from Miss Wales on her time pref or anyone here w/RSVP. May have to post pone for another weekend-the Queen won't like the inconvenience! Don't mess with the Queen! Mc Cartney is very busy but Pee Wee Herman is available.


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        I live in Scotland & used to live in Oregon, My mom & sisters are still there & I know fer a fact its 8 hours between here & the west coast EXcept fer a few weeks when the daylight savings time changes because it dosent change the same week here as it does there (confusing? yes....)
        I just looked at the time zone map & it looks like 3/4th of Arizona is on the same time zone as the west coast.. so that might exsplain it.. Bit odd though since its definatly in the area that should make it an hour later (or 7 hours difrence)
        California to UK (Wales included) would be 8 hours.


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          Thanks I think I got it 7 hrs dif for Arizona.

          Yes, I thoiught 7hrs too. What do I know? Just come to our party ok? The Limo will arrive at 7:45Pm for you right?