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An unplanned shop dog?

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  • An unplanned shop dog?

    One of my clients lives up the street from the salon(My salon is on the corner of a main road and a residential street).They have an American Bulldog mix who has the best temperment. He often escapes their yard and comes and visits me, then I call Mom at her business, and someone comes and gets him. Today I was opening the salon and left the front door open as I had no dogs in yet and was carrying heavy things in from my car. My bather and I see Patch coming towards the shop, happy as can be......he walks in and lays down and goes to sleep in the lobby.......I get the phone and call mom AGAIN. She is so apologetic and doesnt know how he keeps getting out and the only place he ever goes to is to see me. I am flattered & I think its cute, but I also worry about him getting hit by a car. Luckily, to get to the shop, he doesnt have to go by the busy street. I suppose he is my unplanned shop dog by day? LOL. I was just wondering if anyone else has a dog like this? I love that he likes to come visit me, but I dont want to see him get hurt......

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    Just a thought but ask the owner if you can pick him up in the mornings on the way in and take him home when you leave for the day. That way he want get hit by a car. This may be to inconvient for you but he seems to like you and your shop so it looks like he is going to come visit often.


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      not a shope dog but......

      I have an old c-poo that I rescued three years back ......he's always getting out of his house and my house is the only place he goes ......His owner always calls me first..." have you seen kirby?" Last year I moved clean to the other side of town and he still found me.


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        awww, that's so cute. he must really like you. and i bet when he's home he watches alot of Lassie reruns. though i have to say, not a very responsible owner. it probably would be good if you could pick him up, like said. although, probably not very practical. i had a dog once show up at the shop where i worked. sat outside and waited for me to come out and notice him....i posted a story about it in groomer giggles.....a cocker named Tinker.


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          Use to work at a vet hospital that in grooming and boarding. Had this one dog that would freak out when he was in boarding and would get loose and run into the grooming area and climb into the crate that he was in while being groomed. I guess he figured he wasn't going to stay long if he was in the grooming area.


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            I just have this image of his owners constantly fixing their fences, etc to keep the dog from going to see his groomer. He was a stray they found & took in years ago and hates to be inside. Im in a rural area where a lot of people have outside dogs and he is one of them He really seems to appreciate the attention he gets at the shop OR feels like he needs a daily spa treatment? LOL Thank goodness he is a sweetheart and not a psycho dog LOL


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              Many years ago when I first started I did a fat poodle that was hard to do, had to muzzle for most of his grooming, need to say I didn't like this dog.
              But he loved me, he would be waiting for me most mornings at the Vets door, and when his owner came in to get him, he would growl at her and hide under the cage unit. She had to bring chicken to get him out from under the cages.
              Go figure<<>>