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Not so nice job Update- LONG

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  • Not so nice job Update- LONG

    So I've gone through a few more days at the job..Sadly it just keeps on getting worse. Dogs are being erased of my name and given to others without my consent. ( I don't mind if I am asked!!!) The manager continues to tell the owners not to tip the groomers. This owner wanted to give me a $10 because she finally found someone who could groom her dog just the way she wanted. ( I loved the lady - She was so happy) The manager said Fine you can tip her. I said I really appreciated it, and that I hope to see her again. This salon won't even ask customers to make future appointments. While I just ask." Did you want to go ahead and make an appointment for next time. Its not that hard to just ask! The manager tries to groom my dogs. Like she'd actually come over and put a dent in my top knot. She said" I don't like how you groom so I'm going to teach you" (Excuse me- I actually have more experience than you and people love my work. ) Thing is I love the customers- Every dog I do the customers say that they want to come back to me. I had a few people just stand there and talk to me and where I came from and where I learned to groom. The people i work with are just so angry! and are constantly yelling at the dogs. (They say i'm too quiet.) Oh my god and the last thing- The manager tried to keep my tip! This customer came up to me . (I was outside taking a short breather) and said "Thank you , My name I left you a tip with the manager. " I asked about it at the end of the day . She said oh yeah that dog was yours . As she pulls it out of her pocket!

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    It probably would not be ethical or honest to....

    Find a better job and let those who like you know. I would seek a different job. If they really l;ike you then can search for you. I would blow up even tually. I could not work in a hostile environment. Good Luck. Sounds like a lot os shops and mgrs are not nice to work with. Sad


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      speaking from personal experience

      I would get out before it gets really bad. Being unhappy will in the end effect your work not to mention continue to make your work environment and possibly your home enviorment miserable. I miss alot of the people I used to work with ,and all the new clients I could have met, but I have to say i am soooooo much happier now. Not to mention the circles under my eyes have shrunk to almost nill.


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        RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!! Working with people like that will make you miserable. It's soo... sad there are a lot of crazy grooming business owners and groomers out there.


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          Time to go mobile. That way it is all yours.
          If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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            You wont work there long. Your too nice and they dont deserve you.
            Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.- Richard Carlson


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              It sounds to me like she's trying to get rid of you by having you quit. If she makes life that bad for you, you'll quit.

              They're jealous. It really does sound like they're jealous. I can't believe she stuffed that tip in her pocket. Girl, open your own shop and put her dive out of business. You've got better things to do than take that kind of treatment. You sound talented to me.

              Tammy in Utah
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                I think you should find a new job asap. They won't allow you to stay unless you lower your standard to match theirs. But if you do lower your standard, you might have to stick with them forever, does this make sense for you?


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                  Time to get another job. I always feel that if they think they can find someone better let them. You can always find a better place. I always hear how hard it is to find good groomers. Well Yea if your making your good groomers find other employment. Any boss that keeps your tips is not the type of person I would work for. Didn't like the last place I worked but my tips could sit there for a week and no one would touch them. Good Luck.